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LIVE POLL: Will Diane Abbott actually bother to turn up and vote tonight?


With the third and final vote scheduled this evening about the Article 50 Bill in the House of Commons, we want to know if you think that Shadow Home Secretary and Labour MP Diane Abbott will actually bother to turn up and vote.  

Will Diane Abbott actually bother to turn up and vote tonight?

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Will she have Brexit Flu? Will she defy Jezza’s three-line whip? Will she get ‘lost’ trying to find the chamber and miss the vote?


£50m of British taxpayers’ cash to be spent repairing POLISH MOTORWAY


An investigation by The Express has revealed that the UK has already committed to contributing just under £50m towards the repair of the DK7 highway near Gdansk in Poland.

Although the UK will be leaving the EU, this agreement was already agreed and therefore must be honoured by the British government. 

The total repair cost is around £400m. 

At a time when local councils admit that they don’t have the funds to repair potholes, many will be angered at the thought of sending enough money to Brussels to repair 877,000 potholes at home. 

The funding is being organised by the EU’s Cohesion Fund – this is a central pot that the UK is due to pay £6bn into between 2014 and 2020. 

This fund is in place purely for the 15 poorest nations of the EU, meaning that Britain will directly see zero benefit from it. 

All of this will surely increase calls for our exit from the European Union to be as speedy as possible, before we get tapped up for any more road modernisation projects in far-flung corners of Europe. 

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DIANE ABBOTT pictured in PUB the night before missing Brexit vote with ‘migraine’


Although it is already well-known that the Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott missed the first parliament vote on the Article 50 Bill after saying that she had a ‘migraine,’ pictures are now circulating online of Abbott in a pub near Downing Street on the night before. 

According to a report in the Daily Mail, she was with colleagues in The Red Lion which is close to Downing Street. 

While her state of health could have changed in the 24 hours that followed, the image has angered a number of people who have been calling for her to resign due to missing the ‘historic’ vote. 

To make matters worse, she also gave a passionate speech in Westminster Hall just hours before signing herself off and leaving the Houses of Parliament. 

Many have been using the term ‘Brexit Flu’ to explain her absence, which is a short way of saying that she simply didn’t want to attend the vote and defy leader Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip to back the bill. 

Of course the big question now is whether or not Abbott will be present for the third and final vote on the bill on Wednesday evening. 

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ILLEGAL POSTERS appear in London accusing brave Navy personnel of being SUICIDE BOMBERS


A number of protest posters have appeared all over London that accuse serving members of the Royal Navy of being SUICIDE BOMBERS. 

The posters that have been plastered all over the Capital’s bus stops have even used official Royal Navy branding, logos and their website address, along with the recruitment-style headline BECOME A SUICIDE BOMBER. 

One sick poster said: ‘The crew of our nuclear submarines are on a suicide mission. To launch their missiles means death is certain, not just for them, but for the millions of innocent people those bombs will obliterate, and for the rest of us too.’

According to a report in The Telegraph, the posters were commissioned by the Special Patrol Group as a protest against the United Kingdom’s policy towards carrying nuclear weapons. 

Artist Darren Cullen added: ‘We see terrorist suicide bombers as depraved, which they undoubtedly are, but we don’t see our own depravity in building and operating nuclear suicide bombs that have the potential to murder millions and end human civilisation in the space of an afternoon.’

However, Transport for London have confirmed that the posters are an example of illegal fly posting, and a number of people have said that they ‘protest’ is actually an insult to the brave servicemen and women who regularly risk their lives while serving in the Navy. 

NavyLookout described the posters as ‘gross, childish distorted propaganda and insult to brave servicemen,’ adding: ‘Whatever your views on Trident no one is laughing at a sick ad that says ‘become a suicide bomber.’

The artist has also said that he has had messages of support from people who agree with his view that the British government shouldn’t be paying for a nuclear defence programme. 

However, we think that our boys and girls on the front line at sea would feel insulted, especially as images of their fellow colleagues are used in an attempt to attack the government as a whole. 

What do you think of the posters? Let us know at info@yourbrexit.co.uk

Calls for Welsh MP to resign for BETRAYING CONSTITUENTS in Brexit vote


There have been calls for a Welsh MP to RESIGN after she ‘betrayed’ her constituents and voted against the Article 50 Bill in the House of Commons. 

This is in spite of the fact that almost 55% of her own Bridgend constituency voted Leave. 

Labour MP Madeline Moon has made it perfectly clear that she felt strongly enough about Brexit to defy both her own constituents and party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s three-line whip – this was in effect an ‘order’ for Labour MPs to vote in favour of the Article 50 Bill. 

According to a report in WalesOnline, she said that her decision was swayed by the election of Donald Trump in the USA. 

She also added that she was going against the wishes of her own constituents because of fears over workers’ rights, employment and whether or not a trade deal with the USA could make up for leaving the EU. 

One of her own constituents made his feelings perfectly clear in an open letter. 

He said: ‘As one of your constituents I would be interested to know how you can justify this vote in Parliament.’

‘Is it because you despise the principles of democracy? Is it because you despise your constituents? Is it because you enjoy spitting in their faces?’

Did your MP vote against the wishes of you and your fellow constituents in the first Article 50 Bill vote in Parliament? Let us know at info@yourbrexit.co.uk

Nigel Farage SLAMS John Bercow as OUT AND OUT HYPOCRITE on live radio


Nigel Farage has used his latest LBC radio show to SLAM Commons Speaker John Bercow as an OUT AND OUT HYPOCRITE over his very vocal opposition to Donald Trump giving a speech in Parliament.

It emerged on Tuesday that Bercow had actually hosted representatives from the disgraced nation of North Korea in 2011, having four officials from the state over for tea, and Farage was ready to call upon this and other similar receptions when he let rip into Bercow on his show.

He said: ‘We don’t like people who are nasty on grounds of race or sex or whatever it may be, well if that’s the case I want to know I really do, why in September 2012 when Bercow was welcoming the President of Indonesia.’

‘He said ‘Mr President it is a huge pleasure as well as a considerable honour for me to welcome you.’ Well you know some of you may know in Indonesia homosexuality is illegal.’

‘Or for example, why two months later he welcomes the Emir of Kuwait where women face constant discrimination, where marital rape doesn’t even exist, where it’s illegal to be gay and where they banned Israeli-Jews from entering the country at all.’

‘But when the end of Emir of Kuwait turns up.. it’s ‘Your Highness, it is my privilege to welcome…’ And on it goes! Vietnam! He even had the North Koreans round to tea in his apartment.’

‘He welcomes tyrants from all over the world, people who are racists, homophobes and anti-semites – they’re all welcome… unless they’re called Donald Trump.

“And that’s why I think this man is an enormous hypocrite, a disgrace to Parliament. And I would say that he’s gone the better.’

You can check out Nigel’s tirade right here.

MP battling BRAIN TUMOUR checks out of hospital to cast Article 50 Bill vote 


The Conservative Stamford and Grantham MP Nick Boles who is currently battling a BRAIN TUMOUR has been telling his Facebook followers about how he bravely checked himself out of hospital so that he could vote in the Article 50 debate in Parliament. 

Although he has recently finished a gruelling third round of chemotherapy, he was still present to cast his vote in favour of supporting the bill. 

He was a Remain campaigner during the referendum build-up last year. 

On his Facebook wall, he posted: ‘Today, on my own initiative, I am coming out of hospital to support the government on the Article 50 bill. I have spent the last week receiving my third round of chemotherapy for the cancer that was discovered last October.’

‘But I want to come to Parliament to represent my constituents on this important bill and do my bit to ensure that it is passed without amendment.’

‘I believe it is in everyone’s interests that the PM is given the mandate to start negotiating Brexit and the formation of a new relationship with our friends in Europe without delay.’

Whatever side of the political divide you may sit on, you will have to agree that this is a tremendous example of an elected MP carrying out his duty on behalf of his constituents. 

Anyone going through such an arduous course of treatment would never be expected to travel down to London and take part – anyone who has been through it will tell tale after tale of the toll that it takes on the body and mind. 

Without naming names, it puts a certain someone else’s absence in the original Brexit vote into perspective …

John Bercow APOLOGISES after saying that Trump ‘not welcome in Parliament’


Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has apparently apologised to his equivalent member of the House of Lords for not giving him prior warning before announcing that US President Donald Trump wouldn’t be welcomed to Parliament. 

According to a report in The Express, Lords Speaker Lord Fowler was contacted by Bercow after the announcement was made. 

When asked for his own view on the issue, he simply stated that he has an ‘open mind’ and added that it wasn’t his place to comment on such matters. 

A far more appropriate response for someone in a parliamentary speaker role. 

However, perhaps it would now be appropriate for Bercow to issue a wider apology for making controversial comments on a public issue when he has a duty to remain neutral and impartial. 

Unfortunately, this won’t be coming any time soon. He has maintained that he is still strongly opposed to the visit and he stands by his original remarks. 

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Petition for Sadiq Khan to be REMOVED as London Mayor approaches 75,000


A petition that was set up to get London Mayor Sadiq Khan REMOVED as Mayor of London is currently approaching 75,000 signatures.

The petition was originally created in response to Khan’s desire for London to have its own place at the ‘Brexit negotiating table,’ and the number of signatures has skyrocketed in recent weeks due to Khan’s attitude that a prosperous London means a prosperous Britain.

It will be interesting to see how large this petition has to get before someone in power takes it seriously and agrees to debate the issue.

As it isn’t on the official Government petition website (a similar petition was rejected from that page), there is no automatic ‘trigger point’ when it will have to be debated in Parliament.

However, with such a large number of followers at the present time, it could create a headache for Mayor Khan’s City Hall administration.

The petition can be viewed here.

Let us know what you think at info@yourbrexit.co.uk

YOU HYPOCRITE! Investigation reveals John Bercow hosted officials of NORTH KOREA in Parliament


A Freedom of Information (FoI) request has revealed that Commons Speaker John Bercow hosted a small gathering of representatives from NORTH KOREA in 2011 – yet he strongly opposes US President Donald Trump’s proposed speech in Parliament. 

According to a report on the excellent Guido Fawkes blog, four officials including the ‘Speaker of North Korea’ had tea with Bercow at his Speaker’s home on 28 March 2011. 

North Korea. Yep, North Korea. Let that just sink in for a moment …

Bercow announced that he was opposed to Trump visiting Parliament because of fears over racism and so on, but just a few years ago he was willing to welcome representatives from a country described by Human Rights Watch in the following manner:

North Korea remains among the world’s most repressive countries. All basic freedoms have been severely restricted. 

Just spend a few minutes Googling North Korea and you will be appalled at tales from defectors about the conditions in North Korean labour camps. 

This a country where you can be worked to death for expressing an opinion, and you can expect all of your immediate family members and neighbours to be hauled away as well just in case. 

To paraphrase the late, great Father Ted … The North Koreans, a great bunch of lads. 

According to the blog report, the gathering was organised for Bercow ‘to tell him candidly what they thought of the conduct of his regime.’

What the hell is wrong with an email or a strongly-worded letter? It doesn’t take a pot of Earl Grey and a tray of Fondant F*****g Fancies to tell someone that their country is a disgrace to humanity. 

At the same time however, he won’t allow the leader of the free world to give a speech in Parliament. Did we mention also that Donald Trump was democratically elected?