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NICK CLEGG will BLOCK BREXIT so his kids don’t grow up in ‘angry Britain’


Nick Clegg has admitted that he will continue to oppose Brexit and the activation of Article 50 as much as possible so that his children don’t grow up in ‘Angry Brexit Britain.’

In an interview he said that he feared an ‘angry, divided and introverted ‘hard’ Brexit Britain.’

What about all of the slightly older adults who are angry about Nick Clegg’s now legendary promise to scrap tuition fees? Plenty of anger there without the need to even think about Brexit!

If he thinks that a Brexit Britain would be ‘angry,’ surely a Britain where politicians are going against the will of the people would be even angrier.

‘Remoaner’ isn’t always the best term to use as it makes it look like we are stooping to their level, but this sort of attitude makes it hard to resist.

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BREAKING: Leading Tory MP announces that he will vote to BLOCK BREXIT


With the Brexit and Article 50 debate well underway in the House of Commons, a leading Tory MP has announced that he will going against the will of the people and voting AGAINST the bill.

In a bruising speech, Kenneth Clarke blasted Theresa May’s post-Brexit plans as being ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and he then proceeded to sarcastically pick the future US-UK trade apart before it has even been put in place.

According to a report in The Mirror, he said: “Nice men like President Trump and President Erdogan are just impatient to abandon their normal protectionism and give us access!”

It’s appalling to see an experienced politician lower himself to sarcasm in parliament to try and get their point across – however it was a common tactic from remainers in the run-up to the vote last June.

Most people in the know are already convinced that the bill will pass with a majority, so it does beg the question: why bother in the first place?

The people voted for Brexit, so any other outcome would be opening an awful can of worms!

What do you think about the former Conservative chancellor using the excuse that he is ‘voting with his conscience?’ Let us know at info@yourbrexit.co.uk

Spain wants to DEFY EU ORDERS and start post-Brexit trade talks with Britain


Spanish Government officials have publicly expressed their urge to start post-Brexit trade talks with Britain as soon as possible – however this stance goes against the current position of key negotiators in Brussels.

The Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis said to the Financial Times that trade talks during the negotiation stages of the Brexit divorce would be beneficial for both parties. 

Such talks would also bring stability and confidence in the UK’s economy and hence result in a stronger pound.

“It would actually be good, while we speak about the separation, to also define where we want to be in terms of a new framework” said Dastis.

“We are interested in getting a result that is good for both sides. We won’t give up that interest for the sake of strict procedural requirements.”

The Spanish Foreign Minster also expressed how he does not believe that Britain should be “punished” for leaving the EU.

Do you agree with this Spanish approach? Does it show the first rumblings of a Spanish EU rebellion and a possible exit in the future? Let us know what you think at info@yourbrexit.co.uk 

Ten reasons why NIGEL FARAGE should be Prime Minister


Everyone knows that it’s a political impossibility at the moment in the United Kingdom, but it cannot be denied that there are many people who think that Nigel Farage would make a fantastic Prime Minister. 

At Your Brexit, we sat down and tried to think of ten reasons why. Let us know if you can think of any more at info@yourbrexit.co.uk. 

He masterminded Brexit – Say what you want about the official Vote Leave campaign who wanted nothing do with Nigel, but everyone knows that he was Mr Brexit, period. His powerful victory speech outside Westminster when dawn broke on 24th June was ridiculed by many, but he bloody well deserved that moment in the spotlight. 

He acted with dignity – When the referendum campaign got nasty, not only was he shunned by the official Vote Leave politicians (apart from Liam Fox and Gisela Stuart who were happy to share a platform with him), but he was also subjected to a horrific level of abuse from the Remain camp. Did he stoop to their level? Did he b*llocks! He calmly batted it all away and stormed to victory. 

He is an unbelievable public speaker – Does he ever carry notes or read off a screen? If he does, he hides it very well! Every speech he gives seems to come from the heart, and during the referendum campaign he knew exactly how to speak to his supporters and ‘soon to be’ supporters at their level. While the Remainians and even President Obama were talking down to the Great British public, Nigel got his tone spot on. 

He is a friend of Trump – Like it or not, Donald Trump is in power until at least 2020. When The Donald asked Nigel to speak at one of his campaign rallies, it was an incredible endorsement of his character as a politician. When it comes to maintaining the ‘special relationship,’ surely we would want someone who is deeply respected by the Trump administration. 

He had one career goal, he achieved it – People mock the fact that Nigel has failed to become an MP on multiple occasions, but the fact remains that his top career goal was to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union. He achieved that goal – enough said!

He is ‘a tad quirky’ – The British public is sick to the back teeth of the same old type of politician who is all ‘hot air.’ Nigel is also full of this ‘hot air,’ but at the same time he backs it up with an unbelievable commitment to getting the job done. Compare his record to other ‘hot air’ politicians who have achieved bugger all!

He knows how to lose – David Cameron lost the referendum, and off he trotted – see what we did there? Nigel Farage took knock after knock in his political career, and look where he is now. DC sneaked away, which Nigel quit UKIP at the top of his game and there is more to come!

He has ‘balls’ – Consider this simple fact. He has spent almost two decades as a member of the European Parliament, sitting at the heart of the very organisation that he very publicly wants to dismantle! He has now achieved the first step, and if that isn’t ‘ballsy’ then we don’t know what is. It’s like wearing an Arsenal shirt at White Hart Lane!

He likes a pint and a fag – How many people are sick of the ‘Nanny State’ saying that smoking and drinking are bad for you? OK we all know that they probably are bad for you (unless in moderation), but it’s another sign that he is in touch with the very people that existing career politicians are sticking two fingers up towards. 

He made national pride acceptable again – Being proud to be British has become frowned upon in recent years, with too many people prepared to instantly cry ‘racism’ at the first sign of a Union Jack or a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the wall. The simple fact is that you can love your country without turning into a frothing fascist. 

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‘Mr EU’ Guy Verhofstadt admits EU is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE


Yes you just read that correctly. The ‘people’s EU champion’ Guy Verhofstadt has admitted in an interview that the EU itself is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. 

During the frosty exchange with the BBC’s Evan Davies on Newsnight on Monday, he also made it clear that it is a project that needs to be fixed b the countries inside the union. 

The man responsible for negotiating the terms of Brexit on behalf of the EU said: ‘You know and I know that an international organisation based on the unanimity rule where 28 heads of state and government have to agree acts always too little too late.’

‘And that is the problem today. It’s not fit for purpose, it’s not effective, always too little too late. And therefore we need to reform it.’

You don’t say! Tell us something we don’t know. 

Although he felt the need to bring this up on Newsnight, the good news is that 51.9% of Britain’s Leave voters worked this out last June without Mr Verhofstadt’s expert analysis. 

Do you think that this was ‘too little, too late’ from one of the EU’s top characters? Let us know on info@yourbrexit.co.uk. 

SHOCKING survey reveals that more than 33% of Brits SUPPORT Trump travel ban


In a poll conducted by Sky Data, it has been revealed that more than 33% of Brits SUPPORT the travel ban imposed by Donald Trump.

The same survey also showed that 38% of the participants would welcome Donald Trump to the United Kingdom.

1,091 people took part in the poll, and it shows that while a huge amount of weight has been thrown behind the official petition to block the president’s state visit there are still a number of people in Britain who are partially in agreement with Trump’s approach.

Perhaps the most telling statistic came when the results were broken down region by region. A whopping 77% of all London-based respondents indicated that they were anti-Trump, which is clearly in line with the fact that London was an area that voted in favour of ‘Remain’ in the referendum.

Is this just another example of the growing disconnect between London and the rest of England and Wales?

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EU commissioner THREATENS that Britain’s economy will suffer after Brexit


It was always guaranteed that the threats and ‘nasty words’ towards the United Kingdom would escalate in the run up to activating Article 50, and now the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs has come out and said that the UK’s economy will suffer after Brexit.

Pierre Moscovici is quoted in The Express as saying that ‘the growing tide of protectionism in the UK – and in the US – could further weaken international trade’ – but surely protectionism by its very nature is purely just a desire to protect our own interests?

In many ways any sort of this rhetoric from Brussels is ‘bolting the gate once the horse has bolted.’ Scare tactics are pretty much useless now that Britain has voted for Brexit.

In terms of losing the EU as a trading partner, he also feels that the shortfall will be difficult to rectify, but he seems to be forgetting that as a nation we will be free to negotiate our own deals in the very distant future.

You have to question his motives as well, as surely a turkey would speak out against Christmas!

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LIVE POLL: Should the government activate Article 50 NOW?


Tonight’s LIVE POLL on Your Brexit is a very simple one. Regardless of the current debating and wrangling in Parliament, do you think that Article 50 should be activated NOW at the end of January 2017?

Should Donald Trump be welcomed with a full state visit?

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This would mean in principle that the United Kingdom could leave the European Union as early as January 2019.

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Trump protesters ‘forget’ Obama DEPORTED more immigrants than all presidents combined


According to a number of Donald Trump supporters in the media today, many people who are protesting about ‘The Donald’ have forgotten that ex-President Barack Obama stopped Iraqi refugees from entering the USA in 2011.

A report in The Express highlights that both Obama and Bill Clinton carried out similar exercises to a varying extent, with Clinton’s presidency attributed to 1,864,343 ‘illegal alien removals’ in 2000 alone (US Center For Immigration Studies).

While the arguments over the similarity of the circumstances could go on and on, there does seem to be a lack of historic media coverage about the Obama policy towards Iraqi refugees in particular.

Former LabourMP George Galloway has also entered the debate now by pointing out that Obama deported more immigrants than all of the other US presidents combined. Whether or not this record is given up to Trump over time remains to be seen.

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NO WAY! UK Government responds to petition to stop President Trump’s state visit


10 Downing St has rejected calls to stop President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.

It comes after the row over President Trump’s executive order to temporarily halt refugees from war-torn areas of the world entering the United States. It has been a catalyst for protests planned across the UK, and an online petition which recently surpassed 1 million signatures. However, concerns have been raised that the petition could be the victim of fraudulent signatures, a similar tactic used by remain voters after the EU referendum.

The petition states that a Trump visit would ’cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.’

Theresa May initially failed to condemn the policy – which sees individuals travelling from one of seven mainly Muslim countries banned from entering the US. It should be noted however, that not one of the top 5 biggest Muslim countries are on Donald Trump’s ‘temporarily blocked’ list, a list inherited from the Obama administration.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Mrs May would be “failing the British people” if she does not cancel Trump’s planned state visit. Surely such an action would definitely damage the US-UK ‘special relationship.’

What do you think about the petition? Is it possible that a significant proportion of the 1m+ signatures are fraudulent in some way? Let us know on info@yourbrexit.co.uk.