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Lib Dem peer: House of Lords is LONDON’S BEST DAY-CARE CENTRE


The House of Lords is the “best day-care centre for the elderly in London”, a Lib Dem peer says in a new BBC documentary.

It also features a claim by the former Lord Speaker that many peers contribute “absolutely nothing” to Parliament.

Baroness D’Souza claimed one peer kept a taxi running outside while signing in to collect the £300 allowance.

The Lords said it was an “active and effective revising chamber” with a “robust” code of conduct.

Meet The Lords, which is shown on Monday at 21:00 GMT on BBC Two, combines interviews and fly-on-the-wall footage of the Upper House.

One of the interviewees, Lib Dem constitutional spokesman Lord Tyler, jokes: “It is the best day care centre for the elderly in London, families can drop in him or her and make sure that the staff will look after them very well nice meals subsidised by the taxpayer, and they can have a snooze in the afternoon in the chamber or in the library.”

Lord Tyler told the BBC the Lords was “not very representative”, with more peers aged over 90 than under 40.Baroness D’Souza suggested the “sense of honour” that used to come with being a member of the House of Lords had been lost.

Baroness D’Souza suggested the “sense of honour” that used to come with being a member of the House of Lords had been lost.

She said there was a “core” of peers who work “incredibly hard”, but “many, many, many” who do not.

“I can remember one occasion when I was leaving the House quite late and there was a peer – who shall be utterly nameless – who jumped out of a taxi just outside the peers’ entrance, left the engine running.

“He ran in, presumably to show that he’d attended, and then ran out again while the taxi was still running.

“So I mean that’s not normal, but it is something that does happen and I think that we have lost the sense of honour that used to pertain, and that is a great, great shame.”

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Proof that Tony Blair’s ‘lifelong support of Europe’ is a LIE


Tony Blair has been all over the news recently with his speech about how Remainers should ‘Rise Up’ against Brexit, and he has also given the impression that he has always been a fan of a united Europe. 

However, we have found a document that shows that this claim may be, as Stoke candidate Gareth Snell might say, a ‘pile of sh*t.’

When a fresh-faced Tony Blair was trying to get elected as an MP in Sedgefield in 1983, he sent out a manifesto with details of his policy ideas and political thinking – nothing strange there. 

However, a bullet point about the EEC, the European Economc Area (the forerunner of the modern-day European Union) is less than complimentary. 

Actually, if we are being honest, it’s downright nasty!

Just in case you missed it, the document says ‘We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the E.E.C. which has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs.’

Does this sound like something that a lifelong fan of European unity would say?

In 2005, Blair said: ‘I am a passionate Pro-European. I always have been.’

Of course you have Tony, of course you have. 

Let us know what you think at info@yourbrexit.co.uk. Check out the full 1983 manifesto here. 

REMOANER Nick Clegg admits: ‘EU is bound for DESTRUCTION’


PRO-EUROPEAN politician Nick Clegg has said the European Union could be one step closer to its demise.

The Liberal Democrat claimed eurosceptic Marine Le Pen “clearly could” become France’s president, which would mean the European nation could be following Britain out of the Brussels exit.

The leader of France’s Front National has been a long-term critic of the EU and during her campaign has pledged to citizens that she will hold a referendum on her country’s membership of the bloc.

French euroscepticism has been fuelled by economic woes in the eurozone and the migrant crisis in Calais and other parts of France. More than 60 per cent of citizens view the EU unfavourably, according to research by US think tank Pew Research Centre.

Pro-bloc foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands issued a joint statement soon after Britain’s historic Brexit vote, warning of the dangers of more of its key members also jumping ship.

Nick Clegg conceded that if Marine Le Pen becomes French president, the EU may enI hope that Marine Le Pen won’t win because I don’t believe pulling apart the EU is the ans

Speaking to Bloomberg, Mr Clegg said: “Marine Le Pen clearly could become French president. 

“All eyes will now turn to France. Since [Francois] Fillon’s problems – the whole issue about the money paid to his family – it’s clearly become a much more fluid race.

“As we saw last night she is an accomplished political performer. I think anyone that makes safe bets about what is going to happen in France.”

Moving onto the European Union, he continued: “Of course, I very, very much hope that Marine Le Pen won’t win because I don’t believe pulling apart the eurozone or European Union is remotely the answer for the many ardent supporters who believe Marine Le Pen is going a new panacea for them.”

Ms Le Pen has extended her lead as the country’s most popular single candidate to five points, according to an ifop survey released on Thursday.

The populist leader, a shock candidate for the French presidency, recorded 26 per cent of support from voters compared to 21 per cent for centrist Emmanuel Macron and just 18 per cent for scandal-hit conservative Francois Fillon.

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Hillsborough claims may push Paul Nuttall into THIRD PLACE in Stoke by-election


According to a report in Business Insider UK, questions over Paul Nuttall’s claims about the Hillsborough Disaster may push the UKIP leader into third place in this week’s Stoke by-election. 

The prediction has been made based upon postal votes that have already been received. 

If these forecasts are correct, it would mean that Nuttall comes in behind both the possible winner Gareth Snell (Labour) and the 25-year-old councillor Jack Brereton (Conservative). 

Although it seemed just a few weeks ago that UKIP were favourites to win the seat and get that elusive second MP in the House of Commons, repeated concerns about Paul Nuttall’s Hillsborough claim that he ‘lost personal friends’ may have scuppered his chances – this is in spite of Nuttall taking steps to make things right. 

While it is clear that mistakes have been made here by either Nuttall or members of his team, the behaviour of the media in the last few months gives us the impression that if these claims hadn’t have come to light, it would have been something else. 

There’s always something else when people become desperate to ensure that someone DOESN’T win. 

Just suppose that Snell takes the seat for Labour, even though he has referred to Brexit as a ‘pile of sh*t’ and he will be representing an area with a high Leave vote. Is that all ok because he isn’t a UKIP candidate?

What about his history of making sexist comments about women on Twitter? Is that all ok because he isn’t a UKIP candidate?

UKIP get an unbelievable amount of flak because they dared to play a huge role in the referendum result – Nigel Farage was ‘Mr Brexit’ after all, not Boris, not Gove …

As far as the wolves are concerned, they couldn’t care less. Once again, anti-politics win and the long-term ‘anyone but him’ mentality will continue to make British politics the laughing stock of the developed world. 

Let Nuttall lose because he isn’t the best candidate for the job, not because his mistakes are worse than Snell’s mistakes. 

EMBARASSMENT for the EU as WRONG US FLAG is displayed for Vice President’s visit


The EU has refused to respond after it emerged that the WRONG US FLAG was displayed in Brussels for the visit of US Vice President Mike Pence. 

Their unwillingness to admit the error just sums up the arrogance of the organisation.

A US flag was put up with an EXTRA STAR, and nobody seemed to know how the error had happened. 

It’s not like the current US flag is a new concept – it’s been fifty stars since 1959!

Typically, the adjacent EU flags all had the correct number of stars in them. 

Although the meetings were described as ‘productive,’ the mistake would not have gone down well back home in a nation of people who are fiercely proud of their national flag. 

This would have been a huge sign of disrespect at a time when President Trump is keen to emphasise that his administration will be putting the USA first in everything that they do. 

If they can’t even get something simple like a flag correct, what hope is there for more complex issues?

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Legal experts identify loophole to CANCEL BREXIT


A group of legal experts have said that they have identified a loophole at the end of the Brexit negotiation process that would enable the government to cancel Article 50 and revert back to being a full member of the EU. 

According to The People’s Challenge, one of the groups who worked alongside Gina Miller to force the government to consult Parliament in the Supreme Court, the loophole could be activated in the event that our Brexit deal isn’t in the best interests of Britain. 

It flies in the face of comments such as when Nigel Farage said that ‘no deal was better than a bad deal.’

Their findings of Sir David Edward, a former European Court of Justice judge, Sir Francis Jacobs, the ECJ’s former Advocate General, and the EU lawyer Sir Jeremy Lever have been published in The New Statesman. 

In short, they have concluded that the EU cannot force Britain to leave. 

According to this report, the most important part of their research is:

“Therefore, if Parliament were to refuse to give legal effect to the terms of a withdrawal agreement negotiated with the European Union, or were to refuse to authorise withdrawal in the absence of any agreement, the notification given by the United Kingdom of its intention to leave the European Union could be treated as having lapsed (since the constitutional requirements required to give effect to that intention had not been met), or could be unilaterally withdrawn.”

What this boils down to is that if enough people with enough money to pay big shot lawyers aren’t happy with the final Brexit deal, they will probably end up going back to court to try and blind Joe Public with big long words again to make sure that Brexit is delayed even further. 

We prefer nice short words at Your Brexit, such as ‘THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.’

Grahame Pigney, the founder of The People’s Challenge, told me: “We want to dispel the idea that there is a Hobson’s Choice [on taking the Brexit deal or leaving it]. 

“It is entirely reasonable and practicable to say ‘We will reserve that decision until the end of the process’.”

Here’s the part of his interview that will raise eyebrows:

“Whether there is a court case depends on the climate in the UK when we know what a deal is and whether the government is going to try to push something past that is plainly not in the interests of the people.

“Yes, a decision was made, but people can change their minds.”

Here we go again. 

Read more in The New Statesman

The modern day Maggie-Reagan relationship?


“She’s my Maggie” says Trump

Following Theresa May’s state visit to the US, there were countless photos, articles and videos of the two leaders together looking rationally intimate. 

The holding of hands, the sharing of smiles, and positive comments expressed about one another to any journalist that asked for one. Donald, particularly seemed elated to be in the presence of our British prime minister and instead of his usual bigoted attitude, delightedly said “She’s my Maggie.”

This seemingly assured statement perspicaciously relates to the relationship Margaret Thatcher had with American president Ronald Reagan. 

The partnership is notorious for being successful and harmonious. At a 1981 Conservative party conference Thatcher said  “had it not been for the magnanimity of the United States, Europe would not be free today” indicating how highly she spoke of her business associate and fellow friend. So why was it that this fellowship was so notable?

After Reagan was elected, Britain sufficiently helped the US in Afghanistan by uniting with them in training programmes for Islamist guerrillas opposed to the post-Soviet regime in Kabul; an alliance which was essential for US aid during the Falklands War. 

Thatcher then went on to promote the Strategic Defence Initiative for laser based anti missile defence shortly after it’s announcement from Reagan in 1983. In return, he supported Thatcher’s policies and commended her “reiteration of conservative values” as he said so himself. The two world leaders were essentially viewed as political soulmates.

So, is this the sort of relationship we expect to see blossom between May and Trump? It’s arguable that Trump, as a republican, is much more far right than May. She even commented that she “did not agree” with his recent executive decision of banning 7 Muslim countries from the US (for a temporary period) and insisted she “had no advanced warning” on the matter. 

Although Trump consistently praises May and the UK saying it’s a “very very special place” it seems that they’re about as similar as a polar bear and an alligator. But can we expect reliable alliance and beneficial trade deals? 

Sure. Their civilisation and loyalty that has been demonstrated to us in Trump’s first 2 weeks in presidency. He’s already stated that Britain would be “at the front of the queue” for trade deals which is essential following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

So although I doubt that Trump and May will be political soulmates as Reagan and Thatcher were, I believe their relationship will not only be crucial but peaceful too, in the near future at least.

Credit: Ellie Fox – Click HERE to read more articles by Ellie


DIANE ABBOTT speaks at anti-Trump rally: ‘He doesn’t deserve state visit’


LABOUR MP Diane Abbott blasted US President Donald Trump as unfit to be honoured by Britain at a march against plans for a state visit.

Thousands of people swarmed outside the Houses of Parliament in London this evening for a rally, held by the Stop Trump Coalition and campaign group One Day Without Us.

Scores of supporters carrying signs that read “No to racism; no to Trump” poured into the square just yards from the House of Commons where a debate was under way.

Waving ‘Dump Trump’ banners and US flags, separate groups also led rallying cries including “Hey hey, hey ho; Trump and Brexit’s got to go”. 

But it wasn’t just members of the public rallying against the proposed state visit – as Diane Abbott took to the stage in anger over the proposals.

The Hackney MP addressed the crowds to condemn the “dark shadow of racism and anti-immigrant sentiment” in the modern era.

She said: “We know the values that Trump represents. With Donald Trump, you don’t have to look into a crystal ball, you can read the book.

“He was supported in his presidential campaign by white supremacists.

“And even in the first weeks of his presidency he has had a viscerally anti-immigrant line. We know the values that Trump represents. With Donald Trump, you don’t have to look into a crystal ball, you can read the book.

Ms Abbott said that a state visit was “an honour”, with the opportunity to address Parliament reserved for anti-hate campaigners like Nelson Mandela.

And she insisted it was not to be used for the likes of Mr Trump, whose presidential campaign proved divisive across the world – saying he had done “nothing to be honoured for”.

Fellow Corbyn ally and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell also joined Ms Abbott on the stage in Westminster tonight.

WAKEY WAKEY! Unelected Lords DOZE OFF during vital Article 50 Bill debate


There’s a pretty significant debate happening in the House of Lords at the moment. Big stuff. This house is currently all that stands in the way of the Article 50 Bill becoming law, and so you would have thought that this turbo-charged atmosphere would have everyone on the edge of their seat. 

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have told those guys. 

In many ways, this picture sums up the frustration that a lot of people are feeling with the Brexit process. 

Another blow for TONY BLAIR as senior EU diplomats tell him to ‘MOVE ON’


It may have only been a few days since Tony Blair delivered a rousing speech telling Remain voters to ‘rise up’ and get Brexit reversed, but already people from all areas of politics and society have been telling Blair that he should keep his nose out of the current situation.

According to a report in the Daily Express, ‘senior EU diplomats’ have now joined this ever-growing list of people, simply telling the ex-Prime Minister to ‘move on.’

One added: ‘The bus has left. No one is happy about it.’

‘But we have moved on and the last thing anyone wants now is to reopen the whole issue.’

Another diplomat said: ‘It’s going to happen. It’s bureaucratically embedded.’

That was an interesting choice of words to say that it is now ‘bureaucratically embedded.’ It gives an impression once and for all that Britain’s referendum vote is legally binding, and this is before Prime Minister Theresa May has officially notified the European Union of Britiain’s intention to leave through Article 50.’

These latest comments also hint that officials within the EU are just as keen for Britain to get on with leaving as many Leave supporters who were part of the 51.9%.

It also has to be remembered that the current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has already branded Mr Blair’s comments as ‘unhelpful,’ which may have been particularly irritating for the ex-PM seeing that he may have been expecting a higher level of support from within his own party.

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