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UPDATED list of MPs who will vote AGAINST Article 50 in Parliament


Here is the latest list of MPs who will be voting AGAINST Article 50 in Parliament after the scheduled debate this week (information according to Metro.co.uk):


Owen Smith
Geraint Davies
Thangam Debbonaire
Peter Kyle
Neil Coyle
Daniel Zeichner
Tulip Siddiq
David Lammy
Catherine West
Helen Hayes
Kerry McCarthy
Ben Bradshaw
Jim Dowd
Mike Gapes
Rupa Huq
Ian Murray
Karen Buck

Lib Dem

Tom Brake
Nick Clegg
Tim Farron
Mark Williams
Alistair Carmichael
Sarah Olney


Caroline Lucas


Ken Clarke


Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
Richard Arkless
Hannah Bardell
Mhairi Black
Ian Blackford
Kirsty Blackman
Philip Boswell
Deidre Brock
Alan Brown
Lisa Cameron
Douglas Chapman
Joanna Cherry
Ronnie Cowan
Angela Crawley
Martyn Day
Martin Docherty
Stuart Donaldson
Marion Fellows
Margaret Ferrier
Stephen Gethins
Patricia Gibson
Patrick Grady
Peter Grant
Neil Gray
Drew Hendry
Stewart Hosie
George Kerevan
Calum Kerr
Chris Law
Stewart McDonald
Stuart McDonald
Callum McCaig
Anne McLaughlin
John McNally
Angus MacNeil
Carol Monaghan
Paul Monaghan
Roger Mullin
Gavin Newlands
John Nicolson
Brendan O’Hara
Kirsten Oswald
Steven Paterson
Angus Robertson
Alex Salmond
Tommy Sheppard
Christopher Stephens
Alison Thewliss
Owen Thompson
Eilidh Whiteford
Philippa Whitford
Corri Wilson
Pete Wishart
Michael Weir


Mark Durkan
Margaret Ritchie
Alasdair McDonnell

Do you see your local MP on this list? If you want to have your say about this or any other issue relating to Brexit, get in touch on info@yourbrexit.co.uk.

Jeremy Corbyn just asked everyone to BLOCK Trump’s UK visit


In a shocking move on Sunday, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn encouraged all of his social media followers to sign the petition asking the government to stop US president Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

Once again, it has to be pointed out that Donald Trump is a democratically-elected foreign leader, and as such we feel that there shouldn’t be any reason for him to be denied a state reception in the United Kingdom.

This is why we would encourage all of our readers to sign a petition that we have set up to try and counter the anti-Trump one that is currently circulating.

We appreciate that everyone should have the right to protest if they wish, so at the very least they should agree with the visit going ahead so that they can amass in the streets and let the president know that they have grievances with his administration!

Let us know what you think of Brexit and how it will affect you – you may even be featured on the Your Brexit blog. Email info@yourbrexit.co.uk.

Petition to BLOCK Donald Trump’s state visit hits more than 500k


During Theresa May’s historic visit to Washington DC to meet Donald J. Trump, the new President of the USA, it was announced that Trump would be welcomed to the United Kingdom at a later date in 2017 for an official state visit.

This news was met with outrage throughout the UK, with a petition to try and block this visit breaking the 500,000 signature barrier within 24 hours.

Our sister Facebook page I Support UKIP has set up a petition to try and ensure that the people who want to welcome Trump to the UK have their voices heard, and we would encourage you to sign it here.

It reads as follows:

In spite of all of the faults of the democratic election process in the USA (and indeed of other similar systems all over the world), it cannot be denied that Donald J Trump was elected fairly within this constitutional process. Therefore, blocking this state visit sends out an incredibly dangerous message that the people of the United Kingdom are not prepared to recognise this form of democracy.

The USA is an incredibly powerful global superpower, and many people feel that our ‘special relationship’ is hanging by its thinnest ever thread. Should we really be snapping this final cotton?

There is nothing wrong with taking to the streets and protesting once Donald Trump arrives in the UK – once again this is a democratic right. By blocking his visit to this great nation, the people who are so keen to protest will be robbed of their chance to air their concerns in person.

I know that you will all just cry ‘typical Ukipper,’ or ‘fascist’ or whatever, but there are still many, many British citizens who want to welcome Mr Trump to these shores and it is VITAL for their voice to be heard!



Tommy Robinson HITS BACK as ‘girl attacked by three Asian men who called her ‘white sl*g’


The activist Tommy Robinson has launched a furious tirade on Facebook after a woman posted photos of a number of horrific injuries that she said she had received from ‘three Asian males.’

According to the Facebook user Nikki Elaine Grunshaw, she was left needing multiple stitches to her head after the attack that started when she was asked if she ‘had a light.’

WARNING: The post below contains graphic images and very strong language.

CR: Facebook

CR: Facebook

Tommy Robinson shared the image and then got straight to the point.

CR: Facebook

He said:

The country should be bought to a standstill over this, if three white males beat a hijab wearing Muslim woman like this then it would be international news. We would never hear the end of it, islamophobia would be all Every debate show would be talking about.

More to the point, it is concerning if there is any truth in the statement that there has been no official police contact for the last week over the incident – this would be worrying news regardless of whether or not there was any racial motive involved.

Robinson was recently involved in the Justice For Chelsey campaign that was set up over ‘police inaction’ when a mother of three was drugged and raped by a refugee gang in Sunderland.

Although the campaign has now come to an end as it has become clear that the CPS will not be launching a prosecution against the main suspects in the case, the campaign has raised awareness of the safety issues faced by women who find themselves alone on a night out.

He has also been the victim of a ‘Twitter crackdown’ as you will see below.

The social media network Twitter has effectively declared war on TheRebel Media’s Tommy Robinson by removing the ‘verified’ badge on his official Twitter account.

According to a Tweet that he ironically posted earlier today, he was informed of the decision in a standard template message, with the only information given being that his account had somehow breached the standard terms of service etc.

For those of you who are unaware of the significance of the ‘tick,’ it is a sign that Twitter has carried out background checks to verify that the account is genuine and belongs to the person named on it.

After all, anyone can just set up a Twitter account and call themselves Tommy Robinson, or anyone else for that matter.

When people see a tweet with a blue tick, they have a greater sense of confidence in the content, and as such these posts will usually enjoy a greater amount of reach on the network.

The fact of the matter is that Robinson already has a very large Twitter following, and so he will still have a large amount of clout on there – even his ‘badge removal’ tweet has already had more than 3000 retweets!

However, whatever you may think of him, he’s no idiot when it comes to posting tweets and any other form of communication.

To have a Twitter badge removed, he would have posted something bordering upon hate speech or illegality, and he has too much experience to knowingly post either of those in the 2017 social media climate.

The likelihood here is that there are other factors at play, such as the well-known fact that Twitter, Facebook and every other mainstream social network seems to have a massive left-wing bias.