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Johnson discusses ‘reversing Brexit’ in latest speech


Mr Johnson addressed those who are attempting to stop or reverse Brexit in his latest speech.

Remain campaigners up and down the country are doing everything they can to change public opinion over Brexit.

Just this week we saw Billionaire George Soros give the ‘Best For Britain’ campaign half a million pounds to reverse Brexit.

Mr Johnson addressed those who are trying to stop or reverse Brexit, saying: “Stopping Brexit would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal. We cannot and will not let it happen.”

“Brexit is not nationalist, but internationalist. People fear the disruption they associate with change. It’s not un-British, but a manifestation of this country’s historic genius.”

It is certainly encouraging to hear that the government is powering on over Brexit and ignoring those who are campaigning for a second referendum.

Discussing immigration he said: “We will stop paying ever-increasing sums to Brussels we will be able to take back control of our borders not because i’m hostile to immigrants. We must remain a magnet for ambition and drive but we also need to ask questions about the impact of 20 years of uncontrolled mass migration by low skilled low wage workers.

“We don’t want to bring up the drawbridge. We want to move from a low wage, low productivity economy to a high wage, high productivity economy.”

Boris Johnson is about to issue a huge warning to Remoaners: Do not try and stop Brexit!

It has been reported today that the foreign secretary and Brexit supporter Boris Johnson will use a speech today to warn Remoaners about trying to stop Brexit.

Extracts of the speech have been passed to The Daily Telegraph, and it he makes it clear that attempts to try and stop, delay or even derail the Brexit process are going against the best interests of the country.

According to a report he will say:

‘I fear that some people are becoming ever more determined to stop Brexit, to reverse the referendum vote of June 23 2016, and to frustrate the will of the people.

‘I believe that would be a disastrous mistake that would lead to permanent and ineradicable feelings of betrayal. We cannot and will not let it happen.

‘But if we are to carry this project through to national success – as we must – then we must also reach out to those who still have anxieties.

‘I want to try today to anatomise at least some of those fears and to show to the best of my ability that they are unfounded, and that the very opposite is usually true: that Brexit is not grounds for fear but hope.’

Ahead of his speech, he has also written in The Sun to say:

‘So much of this is about confidence and national self-belief.

‘We Brits love to run ourselves down. In fact, one of the many ways in which we lead the world is in the sport of national self-deprecation.

‘But when the history books come to be written, Brexit will be seen as just the latest way in which the British bucked the trend and took the initiative – and did something that responds to the needs and opportunities of the world today.’

Are we about to see a top-ranking government official actually show a little faith in the idea of Brexit Britain? How refreshing.

Miller releases statement, and Brexiteers responses are brilliant

FILE PHOTO: Gina Miller, the lead claimant in a legal challenge to the British government over triggering the EU divorce, poses during an interview with Reuters at her office in London, Britain November 29, 2016. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez /File Photo

Gina Miller’s latest tweet over a second Brexit referendum has sparked fury by leave voters.

She tweeted: “A people’s vote – Ref 2016 started the journey. A people’s vote in 2018 will decide the destination. Everyone will have to respect the outcome. Politicians need to get back to domestic issues which they cannot do as no bandwidth with Brexit to do the jobs we pay then to do.”

The original tweet can be seen below.

However, not all of the replies to Mrs Millers outrageous statement we’re supportive.

Gina Miller is SLAMMED for demanding the UK remains in the EU to ‘reform it from within’

The anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has been slammed by members of the public for suggesting that the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union so that we can all somehow REFORM it from the inside.

While speaking to Euronews, Miller also implied that a second referendum could actually be a good idea, even though in the past she has told reporters that she is against the idea.

Right off the bat, we can spot one huge problem with what she is saying.

When David Cameron campaigned extensively to keep the United Kingdom inside the European Union, he based his entire argument on the fact that he had been to Brussels and  would be able to lead the charge to make change happen after a Remain vote.

Unfortunately for ‘Call Me Dave,’ the British people saw right through this absolute cobblers and voted the other way!

Therefore, for Gina Miller to try and put across the same argument is nothing short of breathtaking in terms of her total lack of awareness.

According to a report in The Express:

PRO-REMAIN activist Gina Miller said it was “common sense” for the British public to have a second chance to decide whether to remain inside the European Union to “reform” it instead of severing all ties with Brussels.

The staunch anti-Brexit campaigner has long-argued the British population should hold a new “people’s vote” on leaving the European Union.

Mrs Miller initially claimed to be against a second referendum but has since been calling for the British Government to give voters the option to accept or veto the deal negotiated with Brussels.

She said: “We’re in unknown territory from all points of views. Also, nobody is a futurologist: you can’t tell what’s going to happen.

“I believe we should have a people’s vote – not a second referendum – on all the options. That’s whatever the deal is, no deal, and remaining and reforming from within.”

In 2016 Mrs Miller challenged Prime Minister Theresa May and her Government to bring Brexit to a vote in the Commons.

Following her legal victory, the businesswoman claimed she was not attempting to overturn the will of the people but to protect the democratic principles around “how we leave the EU.”

Speaking to Euronews, she added: “That’s only common sense as far as I’m concerned. That has got to be before the ratification process starts.”

Thankfully, there have been plenty of people on hand to point out just how undemocratic her plans really are.

Don’t mind a takeover … EU run our way, sounds good! – We applaud the sarcasm in this comment, but it is also an interesting thought that somehow we could solve this whole mess by taking over the EU ourselves!

People voted to leave and the people of England matter so we’re not interested in what she has to say at all. – This is the point that Miller usually ignores in everything that she does. Why should she constantly act on behalf on the 48%, when an even bigger mass of people are insulted?

So she thinks it needs reform. But what she is too thick to understand is that the EU is designed so that it can’t be reformed. It is not subject to democracy of any kind. No one can vote it out. – This is another good point. The EU wants to be ‘reformed’ as much as your cat wants to stop crapping everywhere except its litter tray.

Gina Miller makes HUGE error in tweet about Brexit


Anti-Brexit campaigner and Hedge Fund manager, Gina Miller just made a blatant error while tweeting about Brexit.

In her latest tweet about a second referendum, she said: “A 16% margin of support for the idea of a second referendum. The Brexiteers are scared of the ‘will of the people’ but the only way for Boris & co to heal the country is to have a people’s vote on the final options”

Do you notice how she said, “Brexiteers are scared of the ‘will of the people'”? 

She’s got that wrong! Brexiteers are all for and love the will of the people. The will of the people gave us 17.4 million votes to leave the European Union!

You, Mrs Miller, are scared of the will of the people who want Brexit to progress. All you seem to do is stall the entire process.

It’s clear that remainers, like yourself, are the ones scared of the will of the people. You’re petrified of Brexit, and hence the peoples will.

The original tweet can be seen below.

We’d like your opinion…are you scared of the will of the people?

I’m not!

REPORT reveals campaigner Gina Miller has been given £400,000 to try and STOP BREXIT

A report in the Daily Express has revealed that the billionaire George Soros has handed £400,000 to the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller so that she can set up a campaign group with one simple goal – to somehow STOP BREXIT.

We would like to think that all of the money in the world would be useless when fighting against something that has been voted for in a massive democratic activity, but deep down everyone knows that money talks.

According to the article in The Express:

BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros has handed £400,000 to a campaign group founded by Gina Miller which is trying to overturn Brexit with a nationwide advertising campaign and Momentum style rallies, it has been reported.

The funding for the Best for Britain campaign came through one of Mr Soros’s foundations, but anti-Brexit group chairman, Lord Malloch-Brown, a former minister, and diplomat, said the group had followed rules governing financial contributions “to the letter”.

He said: “We have never hidden our agenda; we have been campaigning hard to win a meaningful vote on Brexit, which we did, and to keep all options on the table, including staying in the European Union.

“We, like millions of people, believe that Britain should lead, not leave Europe.

“We work with campaigners, businesses, unions, politicians and community groups to make sure everyone has a strong campaigning voice.

“George Soros’s foundations have, along with a number of other major donors, also made significant contributions to our work.

“Indeed through his foundations he has contributed £400,000.

“But our small donors have collectively contributed more and the commitments of the other major donors also exceed this amount.

“So he is an important and valued donor but his funding is one amongst many sources.”

‘Momentum style rallies?’ How long will it be until a campaigner acting ‘in the name’ of this group decides to get in Jacob Rees-Mogg’s face when he speaks at an open, democratic event somewhere?

More to the point, this whole idea smacks of hypocrisy at the highest level!

One of the Remoaners’ favourite post-referendum arguments has been to scream about ‘big money’ being involved in the original campaign to persuade British voters to choose a future away from the European Union – large donations and the like.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and now we have vast sums of money being thrown at an attempt to insult the true will of the people. You honestly couldn’t make it up.

Saying that Britain should ‘lead, not leave’ Europe is also incredibly short-sighted.

Anyone who took a prominent place in the Vote Leave campaign made one simple point over and over again until they were blue in the face – Brexit is all about a future of close co-operation with our European neighbours, just without the mindless meddling and bureaucracy that have become synonymous with the European Union.

As Nigel Farage puts it, we can look forward to a future of working closely with our continental partners, but without the ‘flags and anthems.’

Anyone who thinks that Brexit will see the United Kingdom pulling up the drawbridge and going it alone is mistaken – the only isolation will occur as a result of Brussels spite.

Campbell lies about Brexit, radio host’s response is fantastic


Remoaner, Alistair Campbell attempted to spread lies about Brexit when talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on TalkRadio.

The ex-director of communications attempted to claim that there are things the British public know now, that they did not know when they voted in June 2016 to leave the European Union.

When quizzed on what we did not know, Mr Campbell said: “We were told there would be more money for our health service, we’ve just had the biggest winter crisis in our history”

Yes, Alistair, that would be because we are still in the European Union and yet to leave. We are still sending Brussels £350M every week.

Mrs Harley-Brewer replied: “Oh Alistair, you’ve been the director of communications for number 10. You know very well that was not what was written on the side of a bus”

She added: “What else didn’t we know?”

He continued: “We didn’t know it was going to cost £10’s of billions”

Harley-Brewer hit back again saying: “Well, it doesn’t have to cost £10’s of billions that’s because our silly government has handed that money over.”

Very well said!

The interview initially started with an argument over who was allowed to make their point heard.

Mrs Harley-Brewer said: “Why did you not think that the country should be able to express a view on the Lisbon treaty. You were not in favour of an EU referendum at all.

“What I don’t understand is why people who have no interest in there being a referendum for 40 years when people were demanding a referendum, certainly for the last five to 10 years.

“Why do you suddenly care so much what the people think?

“You don’t even respect the result that we had in 2016. When more people voted for Brexit than have voted for anything else in this country ever?”

Mr Campbell said: “Can I answer the question? Thank you so much. Now in the spirit of Valentines Day, let’s have less interruption.

“Let me make the point that I am going to make.”

As Mr Campbell prepared to make his point the host quipped, “poor little Alastair”.

Mr Campbell said: “Look, darling, all I am saying to you is we have had the referendum and your side won and my side lost, and that is fully accepted.

“We are now seeing so much more than we didn’t know then that I think is beginning to concern the public.”


EU’s Juncker was FURIOUS about Johnson’s Brexit speech, and it’s hilarious


Although many people have criticised Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech on Wednesday in London (including us), Johnson has recently made one point in particular about the current EU leadership that seems to have really got the back up of the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

BoJo stated that the European Union was dedicated to creating some sort of ‘European Superstate,’ and Juncker furiously hit back by accusing Johnson of talking ‘complete nonsense.’

Perhaps a justified insult, except for the hilarious fact that leading EU figures have constantly demanded that exact thing in recent history!

According to a report in The Express:

The EU boss said he was not “stupid” after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivered his Brexit speech in London this afternoon in a bid to unite Remainers and Brexiteers.

Jean-Claude Juncker said dismissed the claim he wanted to build a European superstate and accused some in the British political establishment of “pretending that I am a stupid stubborn federalist”.

He insisted he was “strictly against a European superstate”, telling a press conference in Brussels: “Some in the British political society are against the truth, pretending that I am a stupid, stubborn federalist, that I am in favour of a European superstate.

“I am strictly against a European superstate. We are not the United States of America, we are the European Union, which is a rich body because we have these 27, or 28, nations.

“The European Union cannot be built against the European nations, so this is total nonsense.”

Just to make it clear why Juncker is talking out of his ‘you know what’ on this issue, this is a recent blog that we posted about a prominent EU figure talking about a ‘United States of Europe,’ or in other words a ‘European Superstate.’

Verhofstadt SLAMMED BY REMAINERS AND LEAVERS after calling for ‘United States Of Europe’

The European Union’s Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt has been slammed on Facebook after calling for a United States Of Europe.

However, unlike previous situations where he has received a fierce backlash on his ever-expanding Facebook account, this ridiculous comment has been slammed by REMAINERS as well as leavers.

Until now, Verhofstadt has positioned himself as ‘the Remainer’s friend,’ and so that makes this latest incident all the funnier as it shows that perhaps deep down he is completely out of touch with both sides of the argument in the United Kingdom.

Here is the post:

In the accompanying caption, he said:

Thumbs up if you want a United States of Europe! #IamEuropean #WeAreEurope #FutureOfEurope

To be honest, he should have just stuck with the image and forgotten the caption – at least this would have left him with some credibility.

The problem with this latest deluded outburst is that Leave voters do not want a United States of Europe, and more to the point, Remain voters are also mainly against some kind of European superstate.

When you look through some of the comments that have been left, Remain voters are accusing him of playing into ‘the hands of Leavers’ by coming out with such a dumb remark as they know that this ‘idea’ will just make the whole EU look even more ridiculous.

Just a few weeks ago, his fellow Europhile Martin Schulz came out with the same suggestion on Twitter, even going as far as saying that those who didn’t want to come along with the idea would be ‘kicked out.’

Here are some of the best examples of Verhofstadt bashing on the post:

Remember that Nigel Farage isn’t the only person out there who is banging the drum for European nations working closely together without ‘silly flags and anthems.’

People are being turned off of the idea of the European Union because of the direction in which is heading. People want ‘less Europe,’ not more.

This is a good point to make as it is clear that even if there was ever to be second referendum, this sort of high-profile remark is likely to damage the pro-EU cause.

That could be the only silver lining here …

Surely this is proof enough that if the EU is to have any kind of future after Brexit, it needs to recognise the fact that member states need the highest possible amount of control over their own affairs.

The EU has a long and proud history of ignoring the majority opinions of people within their member states when it comes to getting new treaties passed into law. Has there ever been an institution that is better at not taking ‘no’ for an answer?

Why should the EU chip away at the sovereignty of each member nation/state/country? In this instance, how do you feel about the use of the word ‘state?’

City chief makes shock prediction, and it’s DISASTROUS for the EU


The policy chairman of the City of London corporation has made a shocking prediction that could spell disaster for the EU.

According to Catherine McGuinness, the very unity that runs at the heart of the European Union’s 27 remaining member states could ‘crumble’ if the EU’s top negotiators continue to take a hard line against the United Kingdom’s Brexit efforts.

This would be incredibly and timing for the bloc, as it has already been established that those who are at the very top are desperate for those countries that are left post-Brexit to be as ‘united’ as possible in order to avoid any more withdrawals.

Brexit alone has given the EU headache after headache, and many have predicted that a repeat from any other member nation could spell the end for the project altogether.

According to a report in The Express:

The City of London Corporation’s policy chairman Catherine McGuinness has claimed the EU may well beginning to falter as negotiations continue and a detailed settlement is proposed.

London finances around 40 to 50 percent of the continent’s financial services and it was hoped market access could be secured for the Square Mile.

Speaking to City A.M., she said: “It is worrying that we’ve got an EU27 that isn’t, for whatever reason, receptive, isn’t signalling receptive messages at the moment on some of these key issues that we want to address as well.

“So I think we’ve got a lot of work to be done.”

But she added while the EU27 member states are “very united on the whole”, she warned this “might change over the course of this year when people start looking at the details of what settlement is proposed”.

Although it might be overly optimistic to just assume that the European Union will somehow give the City of London ‘special treatment’ when it comes to arranging the final Brexit deal, the fact that 40 to 50 percent of the continent’s financial services are ‘financed’ by London should mean that there is some sort of possible compromise when it comes to the terms of our Brexit withdrawal.

We’re not talking about the Sadiq Khan-led idea that there could be a case for leaving London out of Brexit altogether, but rather that there has to be a solution where London can continue acting as the much-needed financial hub for the benefit of the rest of Europe.

A solution of this nature would naturally benefit both the UK and the remainder of the European Union after Brexit has been completed, transition period and all.

In the past, we have often heard that the EU should not ‘cut off its nose to spite its face’ (there have been many who have accused the United Kingdom of doing the very same thing), and the ‘London’ issue is a classic example of a situation where an amicable outcome will benefit all concerned.

It all boils down to the fact that like factors outside of the M25, the United Kingdom is very much interesting in working with the post-Brexit European Union, as opposed to the Remoaner-based theory that we are going to pull up the drawbridge!

Tory MP DESTROYS Project Fear, and it’s great to watch


In a fiery radio debate on LBC that followed a speech in London given by the foreign secretary Boris Johnson, the Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi has torn into his Labour counterpart Ben Bradshaw for trying to ‘replay Project Fear’ even though the whole Brexit referendum issue has now been settled.

He even went as far as saying that the whole ‘Project Fear’ movement should consider bringing the ex-US President Barack Obama back over to the UK to speak if they want to pursue the same ridiculous campaign again.

For those of you who may not already be aware of this, ‘Project Fear’ was (and indeed still is) the collective name given to the movement of people who tried to scare the British people into voting Remain with doom, gloom and downright fantasy.

Ever since the referendum in 2016, a number of these predictions have already been squashed – says it all really.

According to a report in The Express:

LBC host, Shelagh Fogarty, suggested that in Mr Johnson’s speech the Foreign Secretary presented a vision of Britain as still being open to foreign workers.

Remainer Mr Bradshaw said: “It depends what immigration rules we adopt after Brexit, but we’re already haemorrhaging foreign nationals who are vital for our health services.

“But Mr Johnson has had so many opinions on immigration. When he was Mayor of London, he used to be pro-immigration. And then in the Leave campaign, immigration was used as one of the tools to stoke fear about the consequences of us staying in the European Union.

“So I’m not sure that Mr Johnson’s consistency is to be relied on on this.

“I happen to think that Britain needs to Remain an open country, that with an ageing population, like all wealthy ageing democracies we are going to need the contribution.

“Boris Johnson deploys whichever arguments he thinks at that moment in time give him the best chance of ousting Theresa May when she falls.”

Mr Zahawi was furious at the comments from the Labour MP and accused him of replaying arguments used in the lead up to the 2016 EU referendum.

He said: “If we’re going to replay the campaign and Project Fear on the other side of the argument then bring in Barack Obama.

“Boris Johnson spoke of our ability to support our NHS post-Brexit.

“The important thing now is to unite the country. Come together for the good of Britain. There are plenty of colleagues in Parliament who would have listened to that speech and thought it was a good thing that we’re coming together.”

The simple fact remains now that any attempts to reignite Project Fear are not only futile, but also an insult to the millions of people who took part in the democratic process and said that they supported Leaving the European Union.

It is a shame that there are still a number of politicians in the House of Commons who refuse to put differences to one side and get behind Brexit for the good of the country, but the fact remains that many with actual power and influence still believe that Brexit can be frustrated, derailed or even stopped altogether.

Macron BLASTS EU with shock warning, and Brexiteers are delighted


The President of France Emmanuel Macron has issued the EU with a stern warning about ‘not punishing Britain’ during the Brexit negotations, and it has come as a shock to many people as Macron is traditionally someone who often talks about Brexit not being an easy ride for the United Kingdom.

However, it is now quite refreshing to see such a prominent ‘friend’ of the EU’s elite turn on Brussels and say that enough is enough!

Although he still feels that the UK’s negotiators cannot simply ‘cherry pick’ when it comes to arranging a Brexit deal, he feels that current attempts to lay the blame for Brexit on the British public will just make the situation worse.

According to a report in The Express, a French government spokesman said:

“When a country leaves the European Union, it’s a failure for Britain and for the Union. You should never humiliate and never punish.

“No one shall be punished over Brexit. It’s the worst thing that could happen and I think it would reinforce anti-European sentiment in many countries where we have elections in a year’s time.”

Mr Griveaux, however, said the bloc should maintain its unbending stance during Brexit negotiations, reiterating the common EU line that UK could not ‘have its cake and eat it’ by attempting to “cherry-pick” parts of the single market it would like to hang on to, such as free trade, and dismiss others such as freedom of movement.

He said: “You need to be firm. Cherry-picking and saying ‘we’ll keep this freedom but not this one’ isn’t possible. Brexit means Brexit.

“And I’d like to remind you that if only one country opposes [the final divorce deal], there will be a rather hard Brexit…

“There can’t be things that get dealt with totally bilaterally, otherwise it won’t work.”

One of the most interesting things within these remarks is that the French government is also recognising that just one rejection of the final Brexit deal will result in the whole thing walking apart.

‘A rather hard Brexit’ is just another way of saying that the United Kingdom will walk away from Brussels without a deal, and this would potentially plunge the EU into chaos.

The after-effects financially alone would create an enormous headache for the remaining member states as the financial black hole would need to be filled somehow, and it has already been established that Germany would be hardest hit by this shortfall.

Therefore, surely Angela Merkel must have made these same points privately to the EU’s negotiators, as any sort of punitive measures could come back to haunt all concerned.

‘Firm’ is absolutely acceptable during this tense period of negotiations, but anything beyond that most definitely is not!

When you look at some of the sabre-rattling that has come out of Brussels in recent months, you have to wonder about what sort of game they are trying to play.

Now it finally seems that those in power are waking up to this dangerous tactic, and this could be the beginning of a whole new period of more considered negotiations.

Jacob Rees-Mogg takes sensational SWIPE at the EU, and it’s fantastic to watch


The Brexiteers’ Champion and Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has taken a sensational swipe at the EU’s elite by saying in no uncertain terms that the United Kingdom will not ROLL OVER and give in to Brussels demands during the Brexit negotiations.

In the aftermath of Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech on Wednesday, a presentation that has been criticised by many for being ‘inadequate’ as it hasn’t really offered anything new in terms of how our government is dealing with the negotiation, Rees-Mogg came out and delivered a powerful message to anyone within the European Union who feels that Britain will simply agree to abide by EU rules and regulations in the interests of getting a good deal.

Speaking to the BBC, he said:

“I think it’s unreasonable of Mr Barnier to expect that we would just roll over and allow those laws to come in, which can have a very profound effect on our competitiveness.”

“It would be bizarre to in a position where we are outside of the European Union and have to accept laws that inside the European Union we could veto.

“Even the most hardened eurosceptics don’t want to say no to European regulation that is sensible out of cussedness. There are many regulations that come from a higher level. come from international agreements that will be applied in the EU, in America, in Japan.

“It would be eccentric for the UK to say ‘well, as Europe’s got it, we’re not having it.’ What matters is that we decide. If we think the resolution isn’t suitable, we can say no.”

Once again, in the wake of Jacob Rees-Mogg coming out with sentiments that sum-up the feelings of so many people in the United Kingdom, we have to ask why he doesn’t have a more prominent role in the country’s official Brexit negotiating efforts.

While it is true that he has now been put in charge of a seemingly influential team of Conservative backbenchers who are actively pushing for a Brexit deal (or possibly no deal) that is in the best interests of Britain, we can’t help but think that he is still somehow being sidelined.

When you look his many media appearances over the course of the last twelve months, it seems that his message is resonating with the British people more and more – a simple vision of the United Kingdom walking away from Brussels if the deal is not good enough, for the main reason that this country is more than capable of standing on its own two feet.

The JRM haters are growing more and more concerned as people are no longer falling for the tired argument of ‘he sounds like a toff, he is not a man of the people,’ and it cannot be denied that he now has a huge working class following.

Therefore, surely it is time for the government to harness this power and wave of public opinion.

In any case, he as been hotly tipped to become the next Conservative leader, and therefore Prime Minister – one way or another we feel that this ‘Moggmentum’ is just the beginning of something very special indeed.

Khan just WASTED £6 million of your money, and people are angry


The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been criticised after it emerged that the city is planning to spend SIX MILLION POUNDS on toilets reserved for the Capital’s bus drivers.

People are angry because Mayor Khan has said in the past that more funding is needed for counterterrorism activities in London, and it has been mentioned in the media that this scheme will cost around £240 per bus driver.

A startling sum just to make sure that they have convenient conveniences, while Londoners themselves have to put up with the constant threat of terror attacks after witnessing numerous incidents in 2017.

According to a report in Breitbart:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced he’ll be spending £6m of tax payer cash on exclusive toilets for London bus drivers, while complaining there isn’t enough money for proper policing or surveillance of terror suspects in Britain’s capital.

In June 2017 the Mayor told Piers Morgan he couldn’t keep terror suspects under watch in London because the “Met police budget is being shrunk and reduced” by central government.

But savings made from scrapping other programmes could easily have covered the hiring of new police officers from the Mayor’s budget.

Since then, Khan has announced millions of pounds of tax payer cash on green projects, as well as an increase in the monitoring of so-called “hate crimes”.

Now Mayor Khan — despite a London crime surge under his leadership — has announced he’ll be spending £6m on toilets for bus drivers. The announcement comes just one day after Khan again attempted to shift blame onto central government for the policing problem in the capital.

The Mayor’s office has also put out a press release about the plans:

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has today announced plans for a further improvement of working conditions for London’s bus drivers by ensuring that all have access to a toilet on their routes for all hours of their working day.

The Mayor plans to allocate £6m of funding to deliver permanent toilets for the capital’s bus drivers along 40 routes which currently only have limited access or opening hours.

A lack of toilet access can be a significant health issue for drivers who can spend hours behind the wheel.

Since his election Sadiq has been working hard alongside unions and bus operators to resolve the lack of facilities left behind by the previous Mayor.

Sadiq has already ensured that temporary toilets – such as an arrangement with a local café or shop for drivers to use their facilities – were installed on all routes that didn’t have one. This new funding will allow for the installation of permanent toilets at the end of each of these 40 routes – removing the worry and potential distraction for drivers of not knowing where they will be able to stop.

The move is the latest in a series of improvements for bus drivers delivered by the Mayor. Earlier this year Sadiq introduced the Licence for London, a deal to help drivers fairly move between bus companies, and in December 2016 he secured a new £23,000 minimum wage.

All we can hope is that dissatisfied Londoners decide to democratically make their feelings known in the next Mayoral election, as it goes without saying that this sum of money would be more than welcomed by the Metropolitan Police and their associated counterterrorism operations.