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BREAKING: Leaked document confirms Brussels is preparing for NO DEAL BREXIT


A leaked letter that has been sent to a number of EU fishing businesses has confirmed that Brussels chiefs are now actively planning for a no deal Brexit.

The letter warns that a ‘no deal’ scenario will probably result in the United Kingdom getting full control of its own fishing waters, and it adds that they should be prepared for some ‘disruption.’

Where they see a problem, we see a benefit, but that’s another story!

According to a report in The Express:

EUROPEAN Union fears of a no-deal Brexit intensified tonight after officials admitted it would mean Britain would regain TOTAL control of its fishing waters.

Brussels has spent much of the months-long negotiations demanding the UK jump through hoop after hoop, reminding Theresa May and her Brexit ministers on several occasions: “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.”

The prospect of a no-deal situation has been repeatedly floated by Brussels as a threat to the UK in order to force its own agenda – but it has emerged tonight it would actually result in a huge boost for Britain’s fishing industry.

A letter sent by the EU has warned European fishermen to prepare for disruption in the event of no deal being agreed on the future UK-EU relationship.

This, the Telegraph revealed, would severely impact how European fishermen could work in Britain’s abundant fishing waters.

The letter said European fishermen should anticipate “considerable uncertainty” and “legal repercussions” in the event of a no deal, adding “when the United Kingdom becomes a third country”, everything will change.

The letter warned: “In accordance with international law of the sea, fishing vessels wishing to engage in fishing activities in waters under the sovereignty or jurisdiction of a third country are required to obtain a fishing authorisation from that third country.”

Permission would also be required for European fishermen to sell fish at UK ports, putting power back in the hands of British fishermen.


Police BLOCK Muslims praying at Speakers’ Corner


Video footage appears to show a Police Officer stopping two Muslim men from praying at Speakers’ Corner in London.

The footage, uploaded by Facebook page ‘Britain bites back’ shows the officer approaching the two men and stopping any further prayers from taking place.

It is against the code of conduct to pray at Speakers’ Corner.

We’re unable to hear exactly what was said.

The footage can be seen below.

The caption states:

“After the police ignoring the law and allowing Islamic prayer at speakers corner , the backlash may have made the police start enforcing what they should have been from the start.

Credit were it’s due – Thank you to the police who have listened to the public and rectified their mistake but I hope they realise this must be enforced at all time – we will all be watching.

Ali Dawah and his band of brothers are already kicking off , by planning a mass pray protest at speakers corner –

Dear Ali

If you all want to pray in the streets that’s fine. You won’t be needing the mosques anymore will you?!

One near the park must be empty & unused now–with you all preferring to pray at speakers corner

Perhaps the Gov’t should turn it in to a homeless shelter–so that it’s used?”

Your Brexit regularly publishes the latest Brexit-related news and opinions from our own team of bloggers who are passionate about our exit from the European Union.

We also cover political news stories from all over the world – the June 2016 referendum result has, after all, started a global chain of events that have changed the way that many people think about politics.

Our purpose is to keep the Great British public informed about Brexit every step of the way, and you can also count on us to bring you the latest breaking news stories from around the world.

Our readership is a fascinating mixture of young and old, all united in thinking that our proud nation has an incredibly bright future outside of the European Union.

We also feel strongly about the fact that the United Kingdom should remain United at all costs!

Anyone who follows us regularly will know exactly how we feel about Scottish independence and the ridiculous repeated attempts to push it by the SNP.

Labour voters respond to Lord Sugar’s ‘sexual relationship poem’ about Corbyn and Abbott


Lord Sugar has already made it perfectly clear that he is not a fan of the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and in his latest attempt to undermine him he has written a hilarious poem that is basically one long insult against the Islington MP. Labour voters have now responded.

He posted it on his Twitter page, and he also made a number of crude remarks about Corbyn’s past ‘sexual relationship’ with the Shadow Home Secretary.

Lord Sugar wrote:

Jeremy Corbyn, a bit of a scruff
Asked what he could do to come over less rough
His fashion advisers worked on his new look
And a fifty quid Matalan suit’s all it took

Jeremy Corbyn, a stud of a man
A playboy was he with his lover Diane
She’d get into bed wearing only her blushed
And lie back with Jezza just thinking of Russia

Jeremy Corbyn, on Royals not keen
You won’t find him singing to God Save The Queen
No Cenotaph bowing for this bitter man
If elected he’d call for a monarchy ban

Jeremy Corbyn, says many a critic
Is a dangerous fool who is anti-Semitic
He often says “I’m not a Jew-hating man”
“I’m just a big Hamas and Hezbollah fan”

Jeremy Corbyn, an Arsenal man
Supporting the team with his Islington clan
He cheers the left winger when he goes along
And ‘Come on you Reds’ is his favourite song

Jeremy Corbyn, a yesterday man
The worst Labour leader since records began
Though his party is coughing and spluttering and dying
Old Jeremy Corbyn’s red flag is still flying

However, Labour voters have now responded to this poem.

They reacted furiously on Twitter saying:



BREAKING: George Soros gives another £400,000 to anti-Brexit group


George Soros has given another £400,000 to an anti-Brexit group in a bid to keep Britain inside the EU.

Billionaire, George Soros, has donated another £400,000 to an anti-Brexit group called ‘Best For Britain’.

His latest donation matches the previous £400,000 donation.

Best For Britain is dedicated to stopping the UK leaving the European Union, which it will do so in March 2019.

The donation was made through ‘Open Society’, which said on their website:

“In the past fortnight fresh evidence has emerged suggesting Leave campaigns misled voters about their spending and used a questionable data company to target voters on social media.

“The Open Society Foundations believe that British citizens have a right to know whether the UK’s democratic process was undermined during the referendum vote.”

Patrick Gaspard added: “We are therefore backing Best for Britain’s call for an investigation into the matter and donating a further £400,000 to their campaign for a meaningful vote on the final Brexit proposal.”

I must say that it is amusing to see Mr Soros waste all of this money.

Petition set up to BAN anti-Brexit billionaire George Soros from the United Kingdom

A petition has been started on the official government website to try and get the Home Office to ban the Hungarian anti-Brexit billionaire George Soros from visiting the United Kingdom in the future.

There has been a great deal of media coverage of Soros in recent weeks after it was revealed that he has donated a significant amount of money to organisations who are fighting Brexit, and this has caused a great deal of anger in the United Kingdom.

So much so, that there are now calls for any future visits to the United Kingdom to be blocked.

Perhaps this would be difficult to legally justify, but the petition is a clear signal that Leave voters are fed up with the mega-rich elite trying to stop Brexit.

It didn’t work before the vote, and it won’t work now!

You can read the petition here, and it says:

Ban George Soros from the United Kingdom.

Whilst the UK welcomes foreign business, Mr Soros has proved by his actions that he is no friend of the United Kingdom.

He has a conviction in France for insider trading. He has donated money to a group which is campaigning against the democratic decision to leave the EU.

As it has been hosted on the official government website, it will require an ‘official’ response when it reaches 10,000 – that would make interesting reading!

Better still, it would require consideration for an actual parliamentary debate if it hits 100,000 – any sort of rejection would create a real sh*tstorm at this point!

Theresa May asked if she supports Brexit and this is her response


Theresa May was asked today if she supports Brexit and her response isn’t exactly reassuring.

Speaking in Copenhagen along with the Danish Prime Minister, Mrs May was asked if she had ‘changed her mind’ over her views on Brexit.

May campaigned to remain in the European Union, however, she has yet to admit publicly that her mind has changed.

When asked by a journalist today, this is what she said:

Asked: “You were a remainer, have you changed your mind?”

May replied: “Yes I did campaign to remain, but the British parliament gave the british people a choice whether to stay in the European Union or not. The British people gave their verdict, they want to leave the european union.”

Mrs May also once said this:

“You can only deliver Brexit if you believe in Brexit”


Theresa May confronted over fishing waters post-Brexit and THIS is her response

Theresa May has been asked if the UK will take back control of its waters after Brexit.

Appearing before the Commons Liaison Committee, Neil Parish declared to the Prime Minister that: “Fishermen expect to get our fishing rights back.

“They felt they were carved up as you’ve said back in the 70s and I think they don’t mind altogether waiting as long as they’re not going to be negotiated away again when it comes to a final deal with Europe.

“We must get ourselves into an independent coastal state and be ready to run our own fish.

“Can we have those absolute reassurances?”

Mrs May replied: “We will be an independent coastal state.

“What we’re going to be doing and what the secretary of state will be doing is discussions with the fishing industry across the UK about the concerns they’ve had in the past but also about what they want to see for the future.

“What are the rules, what are the ways of operating that are actually going to enable us to build our fishing industry?“

Asked if after 2021 we will have full control of our waters, May replied: “For the 2021 catch we will have been part of the negotiations as part of an independent coastal state.”

The government’s announcement that the UK will not take back control of its waters until 2021 angered MEPs and other senior politicians.

MEP David Coburn raged: “We want control of our fishing waters now.

“There is absolutely no reason why not. The Conservatives bargained away our fishing grounds when we went into the European Union in the first place.

“Now they are bargaining them away when we are leaving.

“It’s not on. Scottish fishermen will not put up with it, I will not put up with it as an MEP for Scotland.”

Remainer campaigner left SPEECHLESS when confronted over ‘United States of Europe’ question


Co-founder, Lara Spirit of the Pro-EU, anti-Brexit group ‘Our Future, Our Choice’ was left speechless when confronted over the EU’s ‘ultimate ambition’.

When asked if the UK should be a member of the United States of Europe, Ms Spirit excitedly responded: “Oh my god, well, yes.”

Asked to clarify her response, a confused Ms Spirit said: “No, well yes, do you mean as in the European Union?”

The Sky news host presenter then explained that some EU leaders wish to form a United States of Europe.

The Remain campaigner continued: “Definitely but I think personally the only way for us to talk about these things is to be within the European Union.”

“I think it is incredibly important, in a situation like this, that everybody has a say on what the EU will look like and what our Brexit will look like.”

I don’t wish to embarrass Ms Spirit, as I could imagine that appearing on national television can be daunting and I respect her courage, but ultimately her campaign is against a democratic vote.

There’s no hiding from it, they want to stop Brexit, despite a clear majority of the electorate voting to leave.

John Mills, Chairman of Labour Leave, said: “I think the deal is going to be a compromise which is not going to keep anybody wholly happy but it will not be regarded by anyone as a major disaster. If you look at the polls it depends very much what you ask as to the answer that you get.

“One thing you do get from the polls is most people respect the results the referendum that took place in June 2016 and want Britain to get on with it and get the best deal they can.”

Ms Spirit continued: “Young people do not feel they have had a say on how these negotiations are going or how Brexit will pan out.

“It is entirely reasonable and David Miliband made it very clear, that the world is a completely different place to the one when we voted on this issue.

“The only logical conclusion, therefore, is that we give it back to the people and give them a say.

“Donald Trump being in the White House and the Russia attack make it incredibly clear that we need our European partners now more than ever.

“It is naive to think we would have had as much co-operation, being able to go straight to the summit, being able to address them straight away.

“It is no coincidence that we have had this attack on our soil at the time our two foreign policy pillars – the USA and the European Union – are crumbling in front of our eyes.”

Farage STUNS remoaner with this brilliant response over ‘anti-foreign’ claims


Speaking at  UK Changing Europe forum, he explained why he thinks Brexit will be great for the UK and rejected the idea that it made Britain ‘anti-foreign’.

Farage went on the attack after being asked if Brexit caused Britain to be ‘anti-foreign’.

Mr Farage said: “We made the argument: we’re not against immigration but we want it to be controlled, it ought to be sensible. And I would reject that we fought an anti-migrant campaign – we didn’t”

He immediately dismissed host Professor Anand Menon’s suggestion that Brexit would make Britain “more anti-foreign”, saying: “Brexit means Britain will embrace the world in a way that perhaps it hasn’t for several decades, and probably begin to embrace the Commonwealth in a way that it hasn’t done for decades.

“I think we are leaving behind a club that is not only anti-democratic, not only protectionist, but that actually has really cut us off from so many potentially amazing relationships all across the world.

“Brexit is not regressive, Brexit is not protectionist. Brexit is an act of national self-confidence that leaves us fit to engage more broadly with the globe. And I’m very excited about it.”

Well said, Nigel!

Ferrari launches 30 SECOND TIRADE against Sadiq Khan

LBC host, Nick Ferrari, slammed Sadiq Khan during his LBC show today for ‘going missing’ in recent days.

Between February and March, the Metropolitan Police investigated 46 murders in London, with the last one recorded on April 2 in Tottenham. New York reported 14 murders for the same period.

Sadiq Khan has been accused to have gone missing in light of recent events.

Mr Ferrari said: “How many more mothers need to cradle teenage daughters dying in their arms?

“What more has to happen before the Prime Minister, who I won’t say literally has blood on her hands, but has questions to answer over her disastrous policy of reining back stop and search, when she was Home Secretary.

“Hello. Has anybody seen the mayor? We’re on mayor watch. Day two. 48 people dead now, Mr Mayor, and still nothing.

“What about getting something done?”

“Here’s a fact for you, there are more police officers now in London than there were five years ago, when the murder rate was nothing like this. Fact.”

Nigel Farage told his LBC show last night: “I never thought I would see the day when the murder rate in London would overtake that of New York.

“I wonder whether the London mayor Sadiq Khan should spend a bit less time slagging off Donald Trump and a bit more time getting to grips with crime in London because clearly, we have a real bad problem here.”

Historic England BANS white people from applying for job and this is why


Historic England is banning White people from applying for a training placement.

Historic England says that they “protect, champion and save the places that define who we are and where we’ve come from as a nation. We care passionately about the stories they tell, the ideas they represent and the people who live, work and play among them.”, however, what they forget to mention is that they will ban white people from applying for jobs.

The job being advertised offers £350 a week and is for undergraduates or recent graduates.

The description of the placement states: “If you’re interested in gaining skills and experience for a career in heritage and identify as having Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic Heritage or mixed heritage (jump to Background to find out why), please see how to apply below.”

The job can be seen here. 

The reason for the ban is as follows…

They explain that: “In 2016-2017 only 4.3% of the Historic England workforce described their ethnicity as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME).

In March 2016 the Government published the Culture White Paper and challenged Historic England and other nationally funded cultural organisations to develop and share strategies for improving workforce diversity.

In response, Historic England developed a Workforce Diversity Strategy which has several strands of activity but one of the most significant is a new paid Heritage Training Placements scheme for undergraduates and recent graduates with Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic Heritage.”

This is unbelievable.

Could you image the uproar if this was the other way around? That people of ethnic minorities were blocked from applying?

People should receive jobs and training placements based on their ability.

If few ethnic minority people apply to these schemes then it’s obvious that they stand less of a chance of being selected.

I’d hate to only be somewhere because of my ethnicity.

It’s even more worrying that the government is promoting this.


Denmark THREATENS UK for leaving the EU


The Danish prime minister, Lars Rasmussen, threatened the UK today saying that leaving the Single Market will result in a ‘price tag’.

Mrs May joined Mr Rasmussen at a joint press conference in Copenhagen to discuss Brexit and the future relationship the UK and Denmark will have.

The Danish Prime Minister said: “If there’s willingness on both sides of the table then we will close a deal as to now as possible.

“But we have to be realistic and realise there will be changes. Leaving the Single Market comes with a price tag.

“Unfortunately it’s not just a British price tag it’s a Danish price tag – that’s a reality.

“There’s a reason why we have established the single market and we have to protect the integrity of the single market so there will be more bureaucracy in the future as a result of Brexit.”

Mr Rasmussen said: “I realise that the UK has decided to leave the single market.

“I want a future which is as close to what we had in the single market as possible while respecting the UK red lines.”

A Downing Street spokesman said ahead of the meetings: “Talks are expected to cover a range of issues, including the threat Russia poses to international security; our ongoing bilateral co-operation in areas such as security and defence; trade and investment; and progress towards a Brexit deal.”

I’m almost certain that this ‘price tag’ is going to be close to £50 Billion.

They do not want the UK to leave in a good financial position.


Your Brexit regularly publishes the latest Brexit-related news and opinions from our own team of bloggers who are passionate about our exit from the European Union.

We also cover political news stories from all over the world – the June 2016 referendum result has, after all, started a global chain of events that have changed the way that many people think about politics.

Our purpose is to keep the Great British public informed about Brexit every step of the way, and you can also count on us to bring you the latest breaking news stories from around the world.

Our readership is a fascinating mixture of young and old, all united in thinking that our proud nation has an incredibly bright future outside of the European Union.

We also feel strongly about the fact that the United Kingdom should remain United at all costs!

Anyone who follows us regularly will know exactly how we feel about Scottish independence and the ridiculous repeated attempts to push it by the SNP.


Corbyn claims men raising money for terror groups haven’t ‘done anything wrong’


Mr Corbyn claimed that two British men who raised money online for terror groups had ‘not done anything wrong’

Mr Corbyn made such claims on the Islam channel in 2012 whilst being interviewed.

Labour leader defended Babar Ahmad and Syed Talha Ahsan who’s website inspired a ‘generation of terrorists’.

Footage obtained by the Daily Mail shows Mr Corbyn defending the men and calling on during an interview on the Islam Channel.

He said: ‘The great tradition of civil liberties campaigning in the USA particularly by the black community, I hope they are going to get behind Babar and Talha and say ‘hang on, these guys haven’t done anything wrong’.’

Ahmad was jailed for 12 and a half months and Ashan for eight years after they confessed to assisting the Taliban.

This really does put things into perspective. Do we want to elect a Prime Minister who has no problem whatsoever defending convicted individuals who raise money for terrorism online?

In my opinion, this is all you need to know to see where his loyalties sit.

Deirdre Daly, the US Attorney for Connecticut, told a court:

‘They acknowledged that they solicited funds, recruited personnel and provided additional support for acts of terror, including efforts based out of the United States and solicitations for support that were specifically targeted at US residents.’

Judge Janet Hall, who heard the case, said: ‘What these two men did was, they gave material support… they wanted material support to flow to the Taliban at a time when the Taliban was protecting Osama bin Laden, at a time when Osama bin Laden was planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks.’

Mr Corbyn has come under increasing pressure during the election campaign regarding his support for IRA terrorists and his reluctance to defend the realm.