BREAKING: Fundraising campaign set up for KATIE HOPKINS’ LEGAL BILLS after High Court defeat


    A fundraising campaign has been set up that is trying to ‘raise £324,000 for Katie Hopkins’ legal bills and libel damages’ after the popular but controversial journalist lost a High Court libel case against the food blogger and poverty campaigner Jack Monroe on Friday.

    A tweet was posted in 2015 on Hopkins’ Twitter account that alleged that Monroe had put graffiti all over a war memorial – a judged ruled that this tweet would have harmed Monroe’s reputation and therefore damages of £24,000 were appropriate.

    In addition to this, Hopkins’ will be liable for legal costs, and these have been estimated to come to around £300,000.

    At Your Brexit, we thoroughly believe in free speech on all forms of social media, but that is an argument for another day.

    However, those well-known left-wing wind up merchants over at ‘comedy’ news website Southend News Network have started a fundraising campaign to supposedly raise money to cover Hopkins’ costs in this case.

    When you actually read the text closely, it actually says that it is a campaign to raise money for The Trussell Trust – a charity that operates food banks around the UK.

    Great work guys! Kick a respected Brexit supporter and common-sense role model when she is already down.

    Once again, the left-wing are showing themselves up to be far worse than the ridiculous allegations that they usually throw at the rest of us.

    Southend News Network are always making a noise about the number of right-wing Facebook users that have fallen for their stories before (we’ve even shared one or two of them in the past on Facebook for humour value), but they have gone too far this time.

    Hopefully this fake news crackdown on Facebook will see Southend News Network thrown into the social media dustbin of history!