27,000 remain cry babies share fake news article claiming blue passports will cost £500 Million


The UK government is set to reintroduce the famous dark blue passport, however, over 25,000 remain voters have been fooled over the cost of this process.

James Caan tweeted that “A country that would spend £500m to change the colour of a passport while children sleep on the streets is a country whose priorities are wholly out of whack,”. However, Mr Caan fell for a classic fake news story.

The cost to change the colour of UK passports is zero.

There is a contract which was coming up for renewal to provide new UK passports which is going to cost £500 million no matter what the colour of the passport is.

More than 25,000 people shared Mr Caan initial fake news tweet.

Others were quick to mock remain voters.

Zac Goldsmith also debunked the fake news story.

I thought remain voters were supposed to be more intelligent than leave voters? It seems like they are unable to vet articles. Shame.

Nigel Farage slams political elite and media for mocking him over blue passports

The new blue passport will make a return in October much to Nigel Farage delight.

Speaking on LBC to Nick Ferrari, the ex-UKIP leader slammed the political elite and media for mocking his calls to get the British passport back and declared “We’re becoming a normal country again”.

He said: “I remember in 1988 when they abolished the British passport they didn’t just change the colour of it they put 2 words at the top of it, European Union and that said to me that the political class were selling out our country, our nationality, our individuality, so I fought them.

“What country in the world would get rid of its passport. You can’t be a nation unless you have those symbols. The words matter more than the colour. Taking off the words European Union matters more. Going back to the blue colour – it says normal service is being resumed, we’re becoming a proper country again. I couldn’t be happier this morning.”