A Labour MP has just called all Brexit voters STUPID


The Labour MP Barry Sheerman has been accused of calling all Brexit voters stupid during a ferocious TV debate.

This is the sort of thing that us Brexiteers had to put up with time and time again both before and after the 2016 EU Referendum, and it seems that some people still haven’t got the message!

The accusation was made because in contrast Sheerman was making the point that towns and cities with a higher amount of ‘educated people’ voted Remain, as in places that have a university or other places with a higher education presence.

According to a report in The Sun:

BREXIT voters were branded stupid by a Labour backbencher – who said “the better educated people” voted Remain.

Barry Sheerman sparked uproar by saying: “You can actually see the pattern, nearly all the university towns voted Remain.”

His remarks were branded “snobbery” by Tory MP Stuart Andrew.

They came in a TV debate about a letter sent to unis by Tory backbencher Chris Heaton Harris – asking for names of professors teaching courses involving Brexit.

Mr Sheerman tweeted that he was pleased his comments on the link “between Brexit support and lower education attainment has stimulated debate”.

Meanwhile, Brexit talks hit a fresh stalemate as the UK stalls on new discussions.

The best thing about all of this is that people can call Leave voters ‘stupid’ until the cows come home because it won’t change anything in the long run.

51.9% voted to Leave, and to call more than half (also known as a MAJORITY) of the turnout any kind of rude name is pretty much making yourself unelectable in the future.