A campaign to have a statue of DIANE ABBOTT built in Westminster has just backfired massively


An official campaign to have a statue of the Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott built in Westminster by parliament has backfired massively after it only attracted a measly 53 signatures. 

Hardly a result is it, seeing that official government hosted campaigns need 10,000 supporters just to get an official response.

100,000 and it would have been debated in Parliament – if it had stayed open they would have reached their target in time for New Year 3042 or so.

The petition itself read:

A full sized bronze statue should be commissioned and placed in the Central Lobby of the Palace of Westminster to honour Diane Abbott MP.

As the first black woman to have a seat in the House of Commons and a faithful public servant she is an inspiration to us all; astonishingly resilient and brave.

Emotive, powerful stuff.

However, it seems that only 52 people agreed with the petition’s creator.

We should point out that all of these campaigns start on an even footing, and everyone has the opportunity to harness the power of social media to get their message across.

Even people with just a handful of followers can hit the big leagues with the right message at the right time.

Perhaps people just don’t respect Diane Abbott as much as the petition’s creator thought they did?

To prove a point, we are going to start a campaign to get one built for Nigel Farage, and we can pretty much guarantee that it will get more than 53 bloody signatures!

Mainly because he has actually achieved something that will change the course of British politics forever …