Actor Steve Coogan SLAMS BREXIT and says ‘Trump in an A***HOLE’


STEVE COOGAN has blasted Brexit for causing anxiety in the world among both those who voted leave, and those who voted to remain.

The 51-year-old also called patriotism “overrated” and explained that if people saw the bigger picture of all the countries that exist, they wouldn’t feel the need to be loyal to a particular piece of land.

Promoting his new TV series entitled The Trip to Spain, the writer and comedy star admitted the plot of being able to drive around Europe so freely is now ironic.

Speaking to, Coogan said: “I just think patriotism is the most overrated thing.

“I don’t know why people feel the need to have loyalty to someone just because they’re in the same geographical location.

“I feel I’ve got more in common with certain people scattered around the world that have shared values, than with someone just because they live down the road.”

Coogan admitted that Brexit and the new US president Donald Trump have opened up a can of worms on a rocky pathway, with expectations of Prime Minister Theresa May now having to “cosy up to an a***hole” leader.

“I think the anxiety of Brexit isn’t just with people who voted for it, because in fact also for those who didn’t,” he added.

“Also now, with Donald Trump, we’re having to cosy up to an a***hole and build our bridges elsewhere. It’s pathetic. Good night.”

In the light of Brexit, Coogan hopes that The Trip to Spain serves as a “timely reminder” of what Britain has severed ties from following the European Union referendum.

Hoping that the new Sky Atlantic series will come across as a celebration of Europe, Coogan added: “I hope so. I mean, I really hope so. I really, really hope so.”

Coogan and 51-year-old Rob Brydon confessed they would not consider touring Trump’s America as part of a future series continuation after the success of The Trip in 2010, and The Trip to Italy in 2014, as it would just be “unthinkable”.

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