Afghan man who served in British Army to be deported from UK


Hafizzulah Husseinkhel served with the British army in Afghanistan during operation Herrick in 2011, but is now set to be deported ‘within days’.

Mr Husseinkhel had his asylum application rejected and will soon be deported, despite serving in the British army for two years.

The veteran will now be removed from the country anytime between the 6th December and the 20th.

The high court rejected an appeal to overturn the decision.

According to the Independent, Mr Husseinkhel fled his home country as the Taliban made threats against him.

Husseinkhel has also received a certificate form the Calvery regiment recognising his achievement and service in Afghanistan.

It reads: “In recognition of his outstanding contribution as an interpreter for the Formation Reconnaissance Squadron during Operation HERRICK 14 Apr – Nov 2011.

“Hafizullah has fulfilled his responsibilities to an extremely high standard and has fitted well into the squadron.

“He is very popular amongst his Troop who have commented on several occasions on how impressed they have been with his performance, both in terms of his day-to-day activities and his calm approach during enemy engagements.

“He is an enthusiastic, personable and loyal individual.”

The government’s immigration policy is barking mad.

We have 40,000 foreign criminals in our prisons, yet they put in the effort to deport a veteran who served alongside our armed forces.

What’s your opinion on this situation?

82 year old ex-soldier dies hours after being EVICTED from squat

A story has reappeared in the media about an 82-year-old ex-soldier who was found dead just hours after being evicted from a squat, and on today of all days it is a timely reminder that there is still a lot that needs to be done to improve the lives of war veterans in this country.

The original article was published in 2015.

It is a heartbreaking description of what can happen when elderly war heroes are simply ‘forgotten’ by the system, and there is still a debate raging on about the way that charities are left to ‘pick up the slack’ as a result of years of inaction by our own government.

According to the original story in The Mirror:

A homeless ex-soldier died hours after he was evicted from a city centre squat.

Known only as George, the 82-year-old is believed to have passed away from bronchial pneumonia, a support group for veterans has revealed.

He had been living in a disused building in Manchester with 12 other homeless ex-servicemen before they were all evicted.

His ‘band of brothers’ walked with him to Salford Royal Hospital after he was taken ill and he died with four of them at his bedside.

Salford Armed Forces Veterans Network (SAFVN), which is in contact with the group, say they know little about George, but said his death was a damning indictment on support services available for homeless ex-service personnel across the country.

He is believed to have proudly worn his military service medals at all times and been homeless for around 20 years.

The tragedy follows legal wrangles over homeless camps in Manchester city centre, new council policies to open up derelict buildings for rough sleepers over winter and Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs letting a group of homeless people stay at the old Stock Exchange building on Norfolk Street, which they own and plan to convert into a luxury hotel.

We can only hope that this tragic tale has raised awareness of the plight of elderly ex-soldiers who fall upon hard times.

Read on for more about why this is such an important cause.