Alex Salmond believes that Scotland can be in the UK AND the EU after Brexit


A number of people have referred to the ex-leader of the Scottish National Party Alex Salmond as DELUDED after he told Sky News that Scotland can be in both the United Kingdom and the European Union after Brexit.

According to a report of the exchange in The Express, Salmond feels that Scotland could remain in the single market without there having to be any ‘tough decisions.’

While trying to justify his position, he pointed to the examples of Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and when Sophy Ridge questioned him about this he remained adamant that the arrangement would work.

Although it is already well-known that a majority of Scots voted to remain in the European Union in June 2016, there would clearly be a number of legal and economic issues to consider.

What do you think? Could Scotland somehow come up with a way of making this kind of arrangement work? Could Northern Ireland follow in a similar manner? Let us know on


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