Allez Marine! Le Pen support SOARS in latest polls


The ex-Front National leader Marine Le Pen has surged ahead in opinion polls after a series of gaffes by her rival Macron.

An Elabe poll for BFM TV found that half of the people surveyed considered that Ms Le Pen’s campaign had started well, compared with just 43 per cent for Macron.

Another found some 61 per cent of French voters think that Ms Le Pen is leading a successful second-round campaign, compared to 48 per cent for Mr Macron, according to a Harris Interactive poll for RMC and Atlantico published on Wednesday.

Mr Macron won the first-round vote on Sunday with 23.9 per cent of the total vote.

His rival, anti-EU Ms Le Pen, finished second after gathering 21.4 per cent of support.

Marine Le Pen has been compared to Donald Trump due to her patriotic views and hard immigration stance.

She recently stepped down as leader of the National Front in a bid to appeal to more voters.

Le Pen stated: “This evening I decided to take my leave of the presidency of the National Front,” she told TV channel France 2.

“I will be above partisan considerations.”

It is not clear if her decision will be permanent.

She told France 2 that France is approaching a “decisive moment.”

Ms Le Pen took over the FN leadership from her father in January 2011 and helped her party secure big gains in regional elections.

Mr Macron is the current frontrunner ahead of the second round of the French election but has been accused of complacency by both rivals and allies.
Le Pen is a public supporter of Brexit and will give the French people a referendum on their membership of the European Union if she becomes president.
Macron on the other hand is for the union.