Alternative Union Flag designs submitted if Scotland leaves the UK after Brexit


The SNP argues that Scotland voted to stay in the European Union and claim that many who voted ‘NO’ for independence from the UK were under the assumption that voting that way would result in continued EU membership.

In a hypothetical situation(which could potentially play out) that Scotland decides to leave the UK through a second independence referendum once the UK leaves the EU the question arises as to what the Union Flag would look like minus Scotlands input.

11 designs were submitted to the BBC magazine which can all be seen below with brief explanations of the design.

“The first design (above) strips out the blue field of the Scottish flag, replacing it with black, and sees the white bands turn a shade of yellow – intended to honour the flag of Wales’ patron saint, St David (a yellow cross on a black field).”

“The second (above) seeks to address the same issue, but by borrowing elements of Wales’ current national flag – the field of green and white that lies behind its red dragon.”

“The third (above) is a more modern interpretation of the design, including the colours of St David’s flag and retaining the Scottish blue – to reflect the fact that Scotland would continue to share the British monarchy.”

“Using the same principle, the fourth removes the white of St Andrew’s saltire and imposes a crown and Royal Standard – including England’s three lions, the red Scottish lion and the harp, a national symbol of Wales as well as Ireland.”

“The fifth design (above) removes the Scottish elements from the flag entirely, and adds the Royal Coat of Arms, surrounded by a garland of items symbolic of the Commonwealth nations.”