Amber Rudd stands up to debate Jeremy Corbyn despite death of elderly father just days before


Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, refused to step down from debating Jeremy Corbyn and other party leaders this evening even though her elderly father passed away a couple of days ago

Many people prior to the debate this evening were unaware that Amber’s father, Tony, sadly passed away a couple of days ago, nevertheless, she stood tall and debated Jeremy Corbyn brilliantly in front of millions of viewers.

The Sun reported:

“Last night, friends confirmed the retired stockbroker had died but she wanted to keep campaigning.

One pal said: “It just shows how tough she is.”

It’s the second tragedy to hit the senior Tory in a matter of months after ex-husband, journalist AA Gill lost his fight against cancer in December.

The pair were married for five years during the 1990s and had two children.

Ms Rudd, 53, fought through the heartache last night as the seven political leaders traded insults – and a largely pro-Labour audience turned on her.

In one exchange she was branded “downright insulting” by the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas in a bitter row over benefits cuts and living standards. Lib Dem Tim Farron accused her of ignoring questions over social care.

The Conservatives revealed over the weekend that the Home Secretary would be representing the party instead of Theresa May in last night’s debate.

She starred during the EU Referendum debates last summer – despite fighting for the Remain campaign.

She grabbed the headlines after accusing pro-Brexit Cabinet colleague Boris Johnson of “misleading the public” and joking the only number “Boris is interested in is the one that says Number 10”.”

I must say that Mrs Rudd did very well this evening even though she is going through extremely hard times.