Andrew Neil ROASTS Labour MP in row over Corbyn’s Brexit chaos


Andrew Neil grilled Labour MP, Justin Madders over single market membership and his parties Brexit stance.

Mr Neil said: “What hope does Labour then have of keeping us members of the single market and customs union which I believe is your latest party’s policy.

“He’s not going to agree to that is he?”

The Labour MP said that the party wanted “access to the benefits” of the European markets.

Neil replied: “But everybody has access, even North Korea has access.”

Mr Neil is spot on.

What Labour wants the UK to do is leave the EU in name only.

The hate the idea of us being self-governing, to them it should not be allowed.

Andrew Neil makes BRILLIANT point over Brexit bill demands

This Week host, Andrew Neil made a brilliant point regarding the Single Market.

Former Tory MP Michael Portillo insisted the Brexit financial settlement doesn’t matter. He said: “Brexiteers are getting very worried about the money. In the end, there is something worth buying.

“There are two things worth buying, one is the return of parliamentary democracy and accountability to Britain and the other is access to the single market.

“I think the price for those two might be very high because they are really worth having.”

Mr Neil hit back at the claim and said: “Who else pays for access to the single market?”

Mr Portillo said: “The other pay for it buy having the jurisdiction of the ECJ, the European Court of Justice, which is not acceptable to us. Which is why I think we might have to pay.”

Host Andrew Neil then made an excellent point saying that Canada has accsess to the single market but does not have to pay.

Mr Portillo said: “Whereas Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are subject to the ECJ. I’ve said this before, I think there is a deal to be done but I think it’s going to cost us a bit of money.”

Everyone does indeed seem to be fixated on the idea that we must pay to have access to the single market, but Canada is not paying? Why should we?

Maybe the EU should be paying the UK to have access to our economy.