Andrew Neil ROASTS Remainers who still can’t accept they lost the EU referendum


Andrew Neil said Britain’s Remainers are “discombobulated” as they sit on the “sidelines” of British politics following the Brexit referendum result.

While hosting BBC program ‘This Week’, Andrew Neil reminded remain campaigners and those who supported Hillary Clinton of their failures, he said: “The political elites on both sides of the Atlantic are getting used, or have been used, to getting their own way and being at the centre of the action.

“So it comes as something of a kick in the Andrew Adonis’ to discover that they are now on the sidelines.

“That’s the hard truth for those who backed Hilary Clinton, the Remain campaigners who found themselves on the wrong side of the referendum and Labour’s social democrats who never thought their party would end up in the firm grip of Jezza and his happy band of Corbynistas.

“In many cases, their unfamiliar feeling of alienation has turned into discombobulation.”

Spot on!

For too long the political elite and loony left have had their way. It’s about time they have a taste of their own medicine.

Still, there are remoaners who want to stop Brexit at all costs and believe that we will change our minds. To name a few…Tony Blair, Lord Adonis and Alastair Campbell.

Andrew Neil BLASTS Labour MP Chuka Umunna over his plans for a SOFT BREXIT

We have said time and time again that Andrew Neil is one of only a handful of people within the BBC who can be trusted to take politicians to task over plans to soften Brexit – to be fair we are being generous by using the word ‘handful’ – and his most recent mission was to put the Labour MP and well-known Remoaner Chuka Umunna well and truly in his place for his bleating about somehow remaining in the Single Market.

Umunna’s constant attempts to thwart the Brexit vote expose the utter shambles that calls itself the Labour Party, and his exchange with Neil shows everyone exactly why Jezza’s merry men MUST NOT be entrusted with delivering Brexit at all costs!

Take a look at this …

A report in The Express said:

Appearing on BBC This Week, the Labour MP said: “I am very clear. I think we should be arguing for us to stay in the single market permanently.”

But Neil hit back and said staying in the single market permanently after Brexit would be “effectively staying in the EU”.

Mr Umunna said: “I mean, at the moment, what is going on is that the leadership is waiting to see whether public opinion moves in a particular direction. They are looking at polling and focus groups.

“Whereas I am saying, I would argue, in the end, you’ve got to lead and make the argument for your values.

“And when Labour stops making the argument for its values, support for things like poverty reduction, inequality reduction falls. So, it stands to reason if we make the argument, personally, I wish Brexit wasn’t happening…”

Neil slammed the claim and said: “Well, it won’t happen if we stay in the single market.

Many Labour politicians currently seem to be hell bent upon ‘Brexit without Brexit,’ and to be fair if Corbyn ever came into power we wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole project abandoned altogether.

People moan about the Conservatives and their current dilly-dallying in Brussels (ourselves included), but the alternative doesn’t even bear thinking about!