ANGER as British government failed to deport illegal immigrant SIX TIMES before he committed London murder


Hani Khalaf has been sentenced to a minimum term of 26 years in prison for murdering a 62-year-old man in Hyde Park.

Authorities failed to deport Mr Khalaf on 6 occasions.

The Egyptian man posed as a Syrian Refugee to get into the country.

The 22-year-old was bailed for shoplifting hours before he kicked, punched and stamped 62-year-old gay man Jairo Medina to death near Speakers’ Corner on the evening of August 11 2016.

He then stole the carer’s cash and pocketed his mobile phone.

Khalaf should have been deported long before as Judge Wendy Joseph QC explained: “It is clear that Hani Khalaf, having absconded, came to the attention of authorities on at least six occasions.

“On each, he was re-bailed because they could not make arrangements for securing his deportation in a reasonable amount of time.”

It obvious that the authorities are at fault for this.

One more than one occasion they had the opportunity to deport this man, what they should have done is not let him into the country in the first place.

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