Anger as headteacher who banned young girls from wearing hijabs in London primary school is branded RACIST


There has been an angry public reaction after a headteacher who banned young girls from wearing hijabs in her London primary school was branded as RACIST by an ex-mayor.

Previously, pupils under the age of eight years old had been prevented from wearing hijabs and fasting for Ramadan at St Stephen’s Primary as it was placing an unnecessary amount of pressure on members of staff, but this decision has now been reversed amid concerns that the school’s leadership has been ‘bullied’ into going back on their original policy change.

According to a report in the Daily Mail:

A former mayor is being investigated over claims he called a headmistress who banned the hijab an ‘evil racist’.

Salim Mulla is accused of being part of a hate campaign that targeted primary school headmistress Neena Lall.

As part of attempts to help children integrate into British society, she banned the Islamic headscarf and fasting for pupils under eight at St Stephen’s Primary in Newham, East London.

But the school is said to have been bullied into reversing the move after it received ‘ridiculous oppression and intimidation’ in emails and online comments from around the country.

Mr Mulla, a serving Labour councillor in Blackburn – some 240 miles away – is accused of being part of a campaign that led to Miss Lall caving in and her chairman of governors resigning.

In one Facebook post, he wrote: ‘Work needs to be done to get this evil woman out of school. She must go. She is racist bigot.’

Blackburn council’s leader Mohammed Khan said Mr Mulla’s behaviour was ‘not acceptable’ and the authority would ‘deal with him’.

He confirmed the former mayor – whose Facebook profile picture shows him in civic regalia shaking hands with the Queen – would not run in this year’s local election.

Mr Mulla, who was mayor four years ago, was suspended by the Labour Party in 2016 over alleged anti-Semitic posts online. He was reinstated last year after being cleared by an investigation.

Let’s be honest here. Who else had already assumed that the individual who made the allegation of ‘racism’ would be a member of the Labour Party?

The fact remains that this headteacher made the decision after taking a balanced look at the needs of both the pupils and the teaching staff at the school.

However, in modern Britain, there seems to be little room for compromise on so many matters these days.

How the hell can someone be ‘racist’ and a ‘bigot’ for making a decision that ensures that the school remains a positive and useful learning environment for all?

The whole ‘Labour’ element here is also typical of many people in this so called ‘government party in waiting.’

You simply cannot go around calling everyone and everything ‘racist’ just to put a point across, because sooner or later the genuine fight against racism in British society will suffer.

Racism campaigners are sick and tired of the word being used ‘willy nilly’ when someone simply doesn’t agree with something, and too many people seem to justify using it whenever there is a religious issue being discussed – this whole ‘hijab’ business is clearly a religious issue!