ANGER as Labour student group calls for Queen Elizabeth II to be EXECUTED


When it comes to reporting the activities of Labour-linked groups and organisations, it is rare to be surprised anymore as certain factions of the left-wing are becoming just as vile as the right-wing counterparts that they often try and demonise, but this latest example of lefty hatred has taken a number of people by surprise.

It has been reported in the media that the Liverpool-based UoL Labour Students group tweeted that Queen Elizabeth II should be EXECUTED.

Naturally they only meant it in a ‘tongue in cheek’ way, you know in the manner of ‘let’s kill the sitting monarch of the United Kingdom, likes totes lol xxxxx.’

One word for this – disgusting.

Here is the tweet, that has now been removed: reported:

LEFT-WING Labour students have called for the execution of Queen Elizabeth II, in remarks that have been called “deeply offensive” even by members of their own Labour Party.

Breitbart reports that the Liverpool Labour students’ group — which is recruiting new members at their University fresher’s fair this Friday marked the anniversary of the beheading of Charles I in 1649 by calling for the act to be repeated.

The group which describes itself as being a “friendly” and claims members “feel valued and welcome” — wrote on Twitter: “Happy #RegicideDay comrades! We did it once, we can do it once again.”

Thankfully someone was able to grab a copy of the tweet before it was removed, and after it had been taken down the account attempted to apologise:

That settles it then lads and ladesses – no harm done then! Oh wait …

Apparently advocating illegal activity on Twitter isn’t something that you can just laugh off and put down to ‘high spirits’ or whatever. Oh dear, oh dear.

It remains to be seen whether or not the investigation will go any further, but whatever the outcome this incident has given us a shocking insight into the very heart of Labour.

Naturally Jezza will try to distance himself from all of this, but the whole thing stinks of a party that really needs to get its own house in order before trying to tell the rest of Britain what to do.

Labour has been hit by scandal after scandal, and it’s always the same tired old clichés from the very top that ‘measures are being taken’ to deal with troublemakers, or that the particular faction of Labour in question has nothing to do with the main party.

However, nobody really knows how many Labour parties there really are these days.

We now have the Corbynite Labour, the anti-Corbyn Labour, the ever-so-slightly anti-Semitic ‘Nothing to deal with the real Labour’ Labour, and now the Labour that advocates regicide.

Will the real Labour please stand up?

It is absolutely fine to be against the monarchy, but it is absolutely NOT OK to promote the idea of violence – this is regardless of the political leaning in question.

Therefore, the next time that you hear someone describe right-wing members of society as hateful and ‘people who incite violence,’ you may want to show them this tweet.