ANGER as students boast about VOTING TWICE in the general election


With more and more students now boasting about having been able to illegally vote twice in the general election, there have been many top politicians calling for action to be taken. 

The funny thing here is that all of these beaming Corbynites voted twice, and their idol still bloody well lost.

Don’t ask them though, they will probably say that Corbyn ‘won.’

The unfortunate reality of the situation is that there is very little that can be done to thoroughly check-up on those who are boasting, due to the size of the whole electoral system.

Full electronic tracking would be incredibly expensive and slightly wasteful to implement, seeing that a general election is only held every five years (in theory).

Tory MP Peter Bone said: “It has been brought to my attention that people can be registered to vote in a general election in two places.I am registered in London and in my constituency.

“However, a number of students are bragging on social media that they voted not only where they live, but where they go to university. That is an abuse, so could we have a statement from the Cabinet Office on that matter next week?”

Tory MP Philip Davies added: “Not only has it helped people vote more than once in elections, but in certain parts of Bradford it has been known to be abused for a considerable time, and I might add that it has effectively deprived many women of the vote in those communities.

“These are serious issues that many people are concerned about, so may we have a debate on the abuse of postal voting?”

Responding in the House of Commons, Andrea Leadsom said: “We must get to the bottom of people deliberately voting twice, which I understand is illegal.

“We need to investigate that and ensure that parliamentary democracy, for which this country has been famous—this is indeed the mother of all Parliaments—upholds the rights of one person and one vote.”