ARMED police arrest potential terrorist on train who said he had a gun


Commuters in London were left shocked as armed police swoop on would be terrorist who claimed he had a gun and knew people from ISIS

The man said he ‘knew people from ISIS’ and ‘had a gun’.

The train stopped at Canonbury station were hundreds quickly fled to safety while armed police arrested the suspect.

He claimed his ‘cousin was one of the bombers in the Manchester attack’ before telling shocked passengers he had a weapon, one witness said.

The country is on high-security alert after being victim to 3 terror attacks within 72 days. Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge.

The eyewitness claimed: ‘I got on the train to go to work and he was already on there. He was in the middle of the carriage shouting at people.

‘He was saying “I’ve got a gun”. He was saying “Watch out what I’m going to do to you if you say anything”.

‘He was being racist too shouting “the white people in this country don’t work” and he said “only the Eastern Europeans do work here”.

‘He was shouting and saying one of his cousins was one of the bombers in the Manchester attack.

‘He was shouting “I know all about ISIS” and “I know people from ISIS”. He was shouting all this abusive stuff. People were moving away from him slowly.’

The witness added: ‘The train stopped and the doors opened again and the driver came on and said “we’ve got a technical problem if you want to get off and get some fresh air, please do so”.

‘As soon as the doors opened everyone rushed out onto the platform. He came out too and he was still shouting the same stuff.

‘The police arrived really fast. Six or seven of them with big guns came on to the platform and told him to get out the train.

‘He carried on shouting. They told him to get on the floor and to put his legs together and all that and arrested him.

‘I’ve got to be honest, I was kind of scared. I got off that train as soon as I could.