BBC attacks ‘British Christians’ for being concerned about mass immigration


Once again, the BBC has demonstrated that it has a supreme level of contempt for millions of its licence fee payers by attacking ‘British Christians’ for showing concerns about mass immigration into the United Kingdom.

During a discussion on its flagship breakfast morning show on BBC One, it was suggested on a number of occasions that tightening border controls is somehow ‘incompatible’ with Christianity, and the background for the segment was a study revealing that nine in ten British Christians are concerned about current levels of immigration.

According to a report on Breitbart:

The BBC has attacked Anglicans after a study revealed that nearly nine out of 10 want immigration levels “reduced”, claiming that Christianity demands support for open borders.

In a segment reporting a University of Bristol study which found 87 per cent of Anglicans think there is too much immigration to Britain, BBC Breakfast featured religious leaders who said Christians should be reeducated so that they back mass migration.

“One of the main tenets of Christianity is friendship to your neighbour,” presenter Dan Walker proclaimed on Sunday, before raising his eyebrows and adding in worried tones: “But new analysis seen by the BBC suggests that the vast majority of [Anglicans] are opposed to immigration!”

While neglecting to explain what welcoming one’s neighbour has to do with embracing uncontrolled mass migration from across the globe, the publicly-funded media organ implied throughout its segment that supporting border controls is incompatible with Christianity.

The fact that elder religious members have got in on the action as well is also a cause for concern, as our publicly-owned broadcaster is reinforcing the message that it is unacceptable to even express concern about immigration.

This seems laughable when it is so well-known that the 2016 referendum result was heavily affected by immigrations concerns.

However, the comedic value is somewhat lost when you remember that many of the people reading this blog are paying a hefty sum every year to support the BBC and its output, and not through choice!