BBC News have just added a Pro-EU banner to their official Facebook page


The BBC have just added a new banner to their official Facebook page that includes a clear depiction of the EU flag – a move that will only add to the argument that the BBC is an anti-Brexit left-wing propaganda machine!

To be fair, the other five images also scream ‘left wing’ as far as we are concerned as well, and it is yet another example of the BBC going against the wishes of a large section of its viewers.

Actually we apologise for using the word ‘viewers’ as it is clearly inappropriate when discussing the BBC.

Because of the enforced licence fee, it should be ‘SHAREHOLDERS’ – this is effectively the right that everyone should have after coughing up more than £140 per year per household for the privilege of being subjected to this garbage!

After the shenanigans we reported recently about anti-Brexit content being clearly on show throughout the Proms concerns, this is yet another example of the Beeb’s top brass running riot with YOUR money (and the money of the team at Your Brexit, before any left-wing loons try and accuse us of not paying our licence fee as well).

We just want you to take a long, hard look at the Facebook image above and ask yourselves one very simple question.

Does this cover image honestly represent British society as a whole, taking into account the wide range of viewpoints that can be found in all four corners of the United Kingdom?

We are aware that BBC News on Facebook has a global audience, and it is true that global website visitors to the BBC are often presented with advertising that cannot be seen when viewing their pages from within the United Kingdom.

However, the mere fact that they are known as the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation should mean that they have to represent BRITISH interests first and foremost.

As it is now blatantly clear, they speak for all Britons, provided that you are a left-wing leaning pro-European!