BBC Question Time audience TURN on man for DARING to question Labour


The Question Time audience turned on the young voters on Thursday for daring to question Labours policy on VAT for schools

The Shadow Education secretary, Ms Rayner said: “Our young people are leaving education with £44,000 of debt. That is astronomical.

“They never used to be like that. It shouldn’t be like that. And we’ve gotta end that scourge… because young people – our young people – are gonna be the future of Britain post-Brexit. We’ll invest in them.”

The young man hit back at the Labour MP saying: “If young people are the future of Britain post-Brexit, your VAT would force people out of private schools, the state schools can’t cope with it and it would actually deny the brightest and the best, the bursaries.”

The remarks provoked a strong response from the booing crowd.

He continued: “No, it would deny the brightest and the best because there’ll be less money going in, they couldn’t get the education they deserve and it would make the education in the state sector worse.”

Responded to the young man’s criticism the Labour MP said: “Can I just say, I don’t think it will, the bursary, the VAT levy on schools is about schools paying the right amount of VAT which they currently don’t have to pay.

“It’s a state subsidy to private schools. I think when you’ve got choices to make, I believe that actually putting that money into the 95 percent rather than the 5 percent is the right option.”

Do you think it was right that the audience turned on the young man, just for criticising labours position?