Bob Geldof issues Brexit statement WARNING he will ‘do everything to try and PREVENT it’


Sometimes I struggle to take this man seriously, I certainly lost all respect I had for him during the EU referendum campaigning stage. Nevertheless, Mr Geldof has once again voiced his concerns over Brexit

Geldof said: “I think it’s a historic mistake but you can see exactly why it happened.

“In Europe for example, the success of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland] here is a function of this, the Catalonians wanting to break away, the Scots wanting to break away from the UK… all of these functions have a reason.

“For the British, it’s really simple. I’m Irish and we will, of course, stay in the EU and I’ve got my Irish passport and all my children have applied for their Irish passports.

“I think it will happen though I will do everything to try and prevent it happening because I think it’s just the worst thing for the future.”

Geldof blasted older people who voted to leave the Brussels bloc for “denying” young people a “wanted future”.

He said: “Older people vote for Brexit and all the young voted to remain so on that basis alone you have to question this.

“What right have you to deny a wanted future by the young of Great Britain?”

I’m 19 years old and I can tell you right now that the majority of my friends voted to LEAVE the EU.

We are not some uneducated bunch of racists which he will probably assume.

We made a rational, well-calculated decision to use our vote wisely and leave this corrupt, failing political and economic project.

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