Branson helps raise £300,000 for Gina Miller campaign to STOP HARD BREXIT


The Virgin founder, Richard Branson, has handed Gina Miller’s campaign £25,000 in a bid to stop a hard Brexit.

The aim of the campaign is to target 100 ‘Leave’ seats to help elect candidates who don’t rule out the possibility of Britain staying in the EU.

Over £300,000 will be spent on the project.

Branson has been widely criticised by the British public, and especially by Leave voters for meddling in their affairs when he lives on his own private island.

Gina Miller, the millionaire businesswoman who took the Government to court over Brexit, yesterday promised ‘the biggest tactical voting effort in our history’ as she launched the Best for Britain campaign.

Mail Online revealed that Richard Branson paid for offices for Mrs Miller’s campaign.

A Virgin spokesman confirmed the donations last night.

Trying to justify her actions she said “If we have, at the end of the day, if you like, an elected dictatorship, then that’s not democracy”.

“The election was more about power grabbing than strengthening the negotiating hand.”

Mrs Miller, who ruled out standing herself, added: ‘Only tactical voting in this election can ensure that Parliament plays its full role in the future of our country.’

‘We need MPs to be strong and open minded about what is best for Britain.’

‘The idea that Parliament should simply rubber stamp a binary deal or no deal option put by a future government, and ignore any other alternative, would reduce democracy to a mere footnote.’

‘Whilst Brexit is a very important issue in this election, there is a much wider issue here which is about electing MPs who will stand on their principles and hold the government to account.’

Mrs Miller accuses the government of power grabbing, but isn’t this exactly her aim? Grab as many seats as possible from a leave candidate and stop a hard brexit. To me she is power hungry.