60,000 sign petition to SACK MP Naz Shah for retweet ‘abused girls should shut their mouths’


Our petition for the Bradford West MP Naz Shah to be SACKED for retweeting that ‘abused girls should shut their mouths’ has now reached 60,000 signatures.

If you haven’t signed and shared the petition yet, there is still plenty of time for you to get involved – check out the details below.


We should also make it perfectly clear that while Shah’s Asian background makes her mistake all the more concerning, our motivation for starting this petition is that any MP broadcasting this kind of message, regardless of their background.

Naturally loads of people will think otherwise, but there you go.

The full text of the petition reads:

At Your Brexit, we feel that The Labour Party’s Naz Shah MP should RESIGN or be SACKED as a Member of Parliament for retweeting that ‘abused girls should shut their mouths.’

The retweet in full: RT @Owen_Jones84: @AreeqChowdhury @NazShahBfd Exactly Areeq, those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of #diversity!

Although she has since come out and said that it was a ‘mistake’ to retweet the post from a clearly satirical / fake Owen Jones account, it was visible for eight minutes and in this time it would have caused a significant amount of offence and distress.

After all, recent high-profile grooming cases in Rotherham and Newcastle have made this an incredibly sensitive topic, and Shah’s retweet is a pure insult to anyone who has been affected by these tragic events.

The retweet itself would have been deplorable from anyone, but for it to come from a serving Member of Parliament is simply inexcusable.

We are therefore calling upon Ms Shah to do the decent thing and resign from her position as Member of Parliament for Bradford West.

Alternatively, we are calling upon Jeremy Corbyn to take this decision.

The original story from Your Brexit is below.

After a minimal amount of investigation, it appears that the Labour MP Naz Shah has retweeted a comment stating that ‘abused girls in Rotherham need to shut their mouths.’

The full retweet in question reads: RT @Owen_Jones84: @AreeqChowdhury @NazShahBfd Exactly Areeq, those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of #diversity!

Before we go any further, there are a couple of things that we need to point out to keep any legal eagles happy.

  • The original tweet was posted by a spoof account pretending to be Owen Jones, left-winger extraordinaire (@Owen_Jones84).
  • Shah’s retweet was live for eight minutes in total, before she appears to have removed it. There is proof of this at the Politwoops site here.

Also, an image has appeared on the Facebook account of Eurosceptic News that appears to show that Shah has liked the tweet (reply) itself:

There is also discussion of this incident on Reddit.

Putting together the pieces here, it is pretty obvious what has happened.

An online joker using an account impersonating Owen Jones has made a satirical comment saying that ‘abused girls in Rotherham need to shut their mouths,’ and for some reason best known to Naz Shah herself she has identified with the satirical tone of it and decided to retweet it (post it to all of her Twitter followers).

After this, around eight minutes later, she has realised that it was a major error of judgement on her part, and she has deleted it.

Unfortunately sites like Politwoops record EVERYTHING just in case this sort of thing happens!

Apart from falling for a clear spoof account (always check the source!), the real issue here is that Shah thought it was a good idea to post such an offensive and inflammatory comment on her own Twitter account.

Bearing in mind as well that she is an MP of Asian origin, that makes her decision even more baffling, seeing that Asian grooming gangs are often in the news at the moment.

We’ll just sit back and wait for the mainstream media to start discussing this incident …