BREAKING: Alex Salmond confirms Sturgeon will launch SECOND INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM after Brexit


The ex-First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has confirmed that Nicola Sturgeon is ‘poised’ to launch a second Scottish Independence Referendum after Brexit in the event that a ‘hard Brexit’ results in the United Kingdom leaving the single market.

Seeing that Theresa May has already confirmed that our Brexit will include exactly that i.e. a full withdrawal, this is the strongest indication yet that Sturgeon will ask the Scots that same question yet again.

Ever since the original EU referendum in the United Kingdom, Sturgeon has been trying to launch another indy referendum on the back of it, and it has now become clear that she is someone who has trouble understanding the word ‘no.’

According to a report in The Herald:

FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond has said Nicola Sturgeon is prepared to call a second vote on leaving the UK shortly after Britain leaves the European Union.

Mr Salmond, who led a failed bid for Scottish independence three years ago, said the current First Minister would have to call for a second referendum swiftly if Britain left the single market in a Hard Brexit – often interpreted as resulting in the giving up of full access to the single market and the removal of the right of freedom of movement between countries.

In a parliamentary statement made to MSPs at the end of June, Ms Sturgeon said she was persisting with plans for a second referendum that could be launched next year.

The First Minister told MSPs she will “reset” the timetable for another referendum, which she originally wanted between autumn 2018 and spring 2019, but later said it was still “likely” another vote would be held before the May 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

She has since said she did not have a timescale for a second vote.

Naturally this could all be ‘posturing’ and a move to try and convince the United Kingdom to abandon Brexit because Scotland might leave the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, she could just be off her rocker, or Salmond could be talking out of his ‘erchie’ as they say up there …

Read more about Sturgeon’s Brexit bashing below.

We reported yesterday that the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon met with her Welsh counterpart Carwyn Jones in Edinburgh to discuss ways in which they could ‘table some amendments’ to the upcoming EU Withdrawal Bill.

Within just a few minutes of this story going live on our Facebook page, a number of people came forward to let Sturgeon have it with ‘both barrels.’

It’s understandable really, as we all know exactly what ‘table amendments’ will mean here.

It is a formal attempt to obstruct the Brexit process on behalf of residents from these two devolved nations – even more baffling seeing that Wales followed England and voted Leave in the 2016 EU referendum.

This is a good point. As we said above Wales most definitely did vote Leave so we don’t know what sort of ‘game’ Jones is playing with this sort of meeting.

We are aware that the two governments have concerns about some sort of ‘devolved power grab’ but Leave voters in both nations are likely to get annoyed with this sort of behaviour.

If you are one of our Welsh readers and you agree with Margaret please let us know your thoughts at

This is downright childish … and bloody funny Sir. If we didn’t have a load of other work to do today at Your Brexit this comment would definitely get its own article.

Denzil, you can just save yourself the typing and use the word ‘Remoaner’ in future. This word was invented for people like Sturgeon and anyone else who seems to be having trouble getting the message.

Looking beyond the humour here, Neil may also be onto something. Has Sturgeon found a new high-ranking politician to do her bidding?

This sounds like the plot to a terrible film, but it could actually become a terrible reality!