BREAKING: Britain MOST INFLUENTIAL country in Europe – report reveals


A new report has sensationally revealed that the United Kingdom is the most influential country in Europe, coming second worldwide only to the United States of America.

This is huge news at a time when the great and the powerful inside the European Union are using the ongoing Brexit negotiations as an opportunity to constantly remind us about how small and insignificant our nation is.

They have even hinted that this should force us to just accept what we are being offered and be jolly well grateful for it!

According to the report on the excellent Westmonster:

A new report has concluded that Brexit Britain possesses the most geopolitical influence of any country in Europe and is second only to America worldwide.

The Henry Jackson Society study – Audit of Geopolitical Capability – scored the UK high in ‘geographic integration’, ‘demographic leverage’ and ‘cultural  prestige’.

Dr. Alan Mendoza who is the Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society said: “For all the doom and gloom surrounding the implications of Brexit, the reality shines through that the UK remains a leading global power nation, with immense soft and hard power capabilities.”

“The lesson of this report is clear: our future is what we choose to make of it”.

Meanwhile the author of the report and Director of the Global Britain Programme, James Rogers, says that: “After Brexit, some are worried that the UK is about to begin a period of economic and geopolitical decline.

“But what this audit makes clear is that far from beginning the Brexit process from a position of weakness, the UK is in a remarkably strong position.”

Our favourite part of this is when he said: ‘Our future is what we choose to make of it.’

He is spot on here! It has now become obvious that Brexit Britain will only fail if we listen to all of the Remoaners who are hell bent on spreading negativity and fear.

Cheer up mate – it might never happen!


It’s true that pessimism breeds pessimism, and with so many Remoaners obsessed with wearing blinkers to avoid staring at the opportunities of Brexit straight in the face, we now have the challenge of making sure that this destructive attitude doesn’t hamper our country’s efforts in leaving the European Union.

To make matters even more exciting, when thinking globally as we mentioned earlier the top two nations in this report are the United Kingdom and, on the top of the pile, the United States of America.

Donald Trump has already said that he will be a president who is dedicated to arranging the best possible trade deal with the United Kingdom – it makes perfect sense for the top two nations to work as closely together as possible.

How many other countries will now realise the potential of Brexit Britain and apply pressure to the European Union to stop buggering about with the penalising and the threats?

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