BREAKING: Britain to be kicked out of Europol declares EU negotiator


Mr Barnier said Britain would no longer be a member, adding that the UK would be leaving the European Defence Agency and that UK defence ministers and ambassadors would be excluded from international meetings with EU colleagues.

If this is the case, then the UK has no obligation to share intelligence to the European Union regarding terrorist activities.

It seems like Europol wants to punish the UK for leaving the EU by putting its citizens at risk of being killed.

That’s nice of them.

The UK government has said it wishes to remain a member of Europol after Brexit.

Michael Bernier recently summed up the Brexit situation, saying:

“More than 500 days ago, the United Kingdom took the sovereign decision to leave the European Union and bring to an end 44 years of common history. To many of us this came as a great shock,” he said.

“It was a decision taken against the backdrop of a strategic repositioning by our American ally, which has gathered pace since the election of Donald Trump.

“It was a decision that came after a series of attacks on European soil, committed by young people who grew up in Europe, in our countries. It was a decision that came six months after the French Minister of Defence issued a call for solidarity to all his European counterparts to join forces to fight the terrorism of Daesh.

“Never had the need to be together, to protect ourselves together, to act together been so strong, so manifest. Yet rather than stay shoulder to shoulder with the Union, the British chose to be on their own again.”

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has called for a ‘treaty’ to bind a relationship between the UK and Europol.

She said: “A new treaty would allow us to maintain and strengthen our current level of cooperation and provide a new legal framework to do this,” the Home Secretary had said.

“It would mean we are able to respond to threats as they evolve, and would establish the way we can maintain crime-fighting – capabilities between the UK, the EU and its member states. Such a treaty would be in the interest of all parties.”

Government to imprison those who look at FAR-RIGHT content online or TERRORIST material

The government will plan to imprison people who view terrorism and far-right content online

According to the Guardian, “A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism,”

“tightening of the law around viewing terrorist material is part of a review of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy following the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks in Britain this year.”

Those who view the content by mistake or have to for their profession will not be prosecuted.

Amber Rudd has said:

“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions, face the full force of the law,” “There is currently a gap in the law around material [that] is viewed or streamed from the internet without being permanently downloaded.”

“There is currently a gap in the law around material [that] is viewed or streamed from the internet without being permanently downloaded.”

“This is an increasingly common means by which material is accessed online for criminal purposes and is a particularly prevalent means of viewing extremist material such as videos and web pages,”

It looks like the governments are including far-right content with terrorist material.

I understand and agree that the government should imprison those actively looking for terrorist material, but far-right too is a bit much. Why not include the far-left too, that will make things far, won’t it?

What do you make of this?

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