BREAKING: Britain’s most wanted terrorist KILLED IN AIR STRIKE


The CIA and other anti-terror officials have confirmed that ‘Britain’s most wanted terrorist’ Sally Jones has been killed in a drone strike close to the border between Iraq and Syria.

Jones, who had been working under her Arabic name Umm Hussein al-Britani at the time of her death in June, was one of ISIS’s most prolific recruiter of female members.

She originally left her home in Chatham with her son in 2013 – his fate is currently unknown.

According to a report in The Sun about the ‘White Widow’:

The US Air Force Predator strike is said to have taken place close to the border between Syria and Iraq.

A Whitehall source said: “The Americans zapped her trying to get away from Raqqa. Quite frankly, it’s good riddance.”

CIA chiefs told their UK counterparts that a Predator killed 50-year-old Jones in June.

But news of the success has been kept quiet on both sides of the Atlantic amid fears her 12-year-old son Jojo may also have been killed.

Reports say Jones was last been seen alive fleeing the carnage in Raqqa and heading toward the Syrian border town of Mayadin.

Jones — who left her home in Chatham, Kent, with Jojo in 2013 to join ISIS in Syria — regularly used him as a human shield.

In recent months, the Jihadi Bride has appeared in the media, apparently wanting to be allowed to return to the United Kingdom because of the conditions that she has been suffering in Syria.

However, a number of experts made it clear that she should face the fullest extent of the law if she ever came back to the UK – some believed that her past record should stop her coming back at all as she would pose a huge danger to the public.

Her last appearance on social media was in September 2016.