BREAKING: British man who fought AGAINST ISIS is charged with a ‘terror offence’


Sky News has reported that a British man who fought against ISIS has been charged with a terror offence.

There isn’t much information available at the moment, but in their report they have said:

A British man is to become the first person to have fought against Islamic State to be charged with a terror offence.

We will bring you more information about this story when it becomes available.

Sadiq Khan Just Compared Donald Trump To ISIS

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has compared President of the United States of America Donald Trump to ISIS by saying that there are similarities in the language and ‘rhetoric’ that come from both of them.

It is already obvious that Khan isn’t Donald Trump’s biggest fan, mainly because he was literally shouting from the rooftops when the President’s London visit was ‘cancelled’ in recent weeks, but this comparison is Khan strongest criticism yet.

According to an interview in The Intercept:

“We are in danger of amplifying the narrative that Daesh/so-called ISIS have about a ‘clash of civilizations,’ ‘the West hates us,’ by some of the language that Donald Trump has used. He is, if you like, repeating what so-called ISIS/Daesh are saying: ‘The West and Islam are irreconcilable.’ ‘You can’t be a proud American and a proud Muslim.’”

Got that? The president of the United States talks like ISIS, according to the mayor of London. I guess the feud is still on. Reminding me that Trump wanted to “ban all Muslims from coming to America,” Khan adds: “People forget that was how he campaigned. His campaign was very different to the [executive] order.”

First of all, from a diplomatic point of view, it remains to be seen whether or not it is a smart move for the Mayor of London to be making such a direct comparison between the President of the United States and a terrorist organisation that is responsible for some of the most despicable acts seen in recent history.

Up until now, Trump has aired public criticism about Khan, but at no point has Trump taken to drawing parallels between Khan and such a hated section of humanity.

Khan is someone who declares that he is an ‘Americaphile,’ as in someone who has a huge love of both the USA and the people who live there, but at the same time he never misses an opportunity to attack the President.

He probably believes that his actions will never damage the much-needed ‘Special Relationship’ between the two nations, but surely there will be a tipping point in the future where throwaway remarks such as these will have a tangible impact in terms of trading arrangements or any other vital areas in the post-Brexit era.

Although Khan is very much part of the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, he is still the mayor of the Capital City, and therefore he will have a far greater level of influence than other high-ranking members of the Labour Party.

All we can hope for now is that Trump has realised that Khan’s outbursts can be simply disregarded when it comes to looking at the bigger picture.

When it comes to both Brexit and Trump, the views of London certainly do not represent millions of people outside of the M25 who are adult enough to respect the fact that Trump was elected in a democratic manner.

Democracy is a funny thing though. The modern form of democracy is that you only need to respect it when it involves someone or something that you agree with.