BREAKING: Car PLOUGHS into right-wing protestors


A car has ploughed into several protestors at a right-wing rally taking place in Charlottesville, USA.

Some footage of the incident has been published and you can watch it below: PLEASE be warned that it is distressing.

According to a report at

The incident comes on the second day of protests as white supremacists clash with anti-Nazi groups.

Local media report there are “extremely heavy injuries”.

Dramatic footage has surfaced online appearing to show a vehicle intentionally driving towards crowds of people.

A damaged light-colored Toyota vehicle appears to have reversed away from the scene after driving into crowds.

Trouble had already been predicted for the march as local police had received prior warning that both write supremacist and ‘Neo-Nazi’ groups were due to attend, along with less radical organisations and anti-fascist groups.

With so many truly vile ‘activists’ in attendance at the event, there was always a risk of this sort of incident taking place.

The protest was originally arranged because a number of groups have been complaining that ‘white culture is being erased from American history.’

According to, the ‘United The Right’ event has also led to a State of Emergency being declared in the area – this is a move that allows local law enforcement agencies to take extra measures against any developing disorder and unrest.

Video of the incident shows a gray Dodge Challenger driving quickly down a narrow side street lined with walking protesters.

The sports car rams into the back of a silver convertible, and soon the Dodge driver slams the car in reverse, going back up the street at a high rate of speed, dragging its front bumper. Several people chase the car.

As the sports car retreats, a red athletic shoe falls off the bumper.