BREAKING: Corbyn ally RESIGNS amid Anti-Semitism scandal sending party into crisis


Ms Shawcroft has resigned from the Labour party.

Thirty-nine Labour MPs and peers wrote to Jeremy Corbyn on Friday calling for the leader to suspend Shawcroft after she defended a candidate who posted a Holocaust denial article.

Ms Shawcroft has now quit the National Executive chair.

She said: “It is clear that my continued membership of the NEC has become a distraction for the Party and an excuse for endless intrusive media harassment of myself, my family and friends.

“I reaffirm my complete opposition to antisemitism and my abhorrence of Holocaust denial, and support all measures to tackle this within the Party.

“And I pledge my full energy to securing for our country the Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn that it so desperately needs.”

“It has been a privilege to serve on the Labour Party National Executive Committee for the last 19 years, and I was standing down in September in any event.

“I have, however, decided to resign with immediate effect.”

An eruption in the Labour Party had emerged after it was revealed that Ms Shawcroft had opposed the suspension of a council candidate that had been accused of calling the Holocaust a “hoax”.

Jeremy Corbyn to be ousted as Labour leader according to MP

Conservative MP, Peter Bone, has predicted that Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will be ousted from his position by senior MPs.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Bone revealed his prediction for Mr Corbyn’s future.

He said: “Boldly, I shall make a set of predictions. First, morally decent MPs such as Keir Starmer and the ambitious Emily Thornberry will soon conclude that they cannot serve under Corbyn.

If that happens, I expect very many others to follow.

Then, regardless of the iron-like grip Momentum has on the party machine, I predict that Corbyn will be removed as leader of the parliamentary party. Inevitably, the party will then be engulfed in a bloody civil war, ending in a formal split.”

Him being ousted is of course hardly surprising given that he is a Commi and has ties to the terrorist organisation – the IRA – and has been apart of anti-semitic facebook groups. All of this making him extremely suspect and concerning as the leader of a major political party, particularly now with terrorist attacks being so prominent in the west.