BREAKING: Dockside shopping centre on lockdown as ‘man slits woman’s throat in carpark’


A woman has had her throat cut in a shopping centre resulting in Police rushing to the scene

Police swarmed Dockside centre, in Chatham, after receiving reports of the horrific incident on Thursday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim to have seen a man in a white vest ‘covered in blood’ who was handcuffed and bundled into a police car after the heroic efforts of other shoppers.

An eyewitness, Michelle Hextall, told how the woman – covered in blood – was honking the horn in a desperate bid to get attention.

She said: “The woman was screaming and bibbing the horn to get attention.

“Another shopper blocked the car in so he couldn’t escape.

“She did not manage to get out of the car.”

Sickening photos from the scene show a Peugeot 107 covered in blood with bloody handprints on the door.

Forensic teams are scouring the area around a black car, which has been left with its doors open.

The MP for Rochester and Strood tweeted: “Shocked & devastated by the horrific incident at Dockside – police in attendance and investigating.”

Shaken by the incident, Ms Hextall added: “Attacker was then put into police van. Didn’t appear to resist arrest.

“The attacker is leaning on the bonnet of police car in front.

“His hands were covered in blood up to his elbows. Blood on t-shirt.”

Another witness, Ash Tucker, posted on Facebook: “Just pulling into Dockside Chatham, 10 police cars race past with flashing lights, as I’ve locked the door I hear shouting and commotion.

“The next bay opposite to me there’s a man covered in blood being restrained by officers.”

It’s not yet known if this is terrorism related, however, it is a similar tactic used by the London Bridge attackers who aimed for people’s throats with their weapons.

The entire country is on high alert after the recent events.

There’s been an increase in armed police deployed throughout the UK.

After the Manchester attack, troops were deployed to free up police personnel.

Our thoughts go out to the victim of this attack and we hope they make a full recovery.