BREAKING: EU issues new demands in ‘draft Brexit treaty’


EU negotiator, Michele Barnier, has revealed the latest Brexit demands by the EU in a 120-page ‘draft Brexit treaty’.

The EU is demanding to align Northern Ireland with its own rules – including the customs union – in order to avoid a hard border.

Barnier’s demands are incompatible with the British government Brexit stance which is for the whole of the UK to leave on the EU on the same terms.

The Express reported that: “Mr Barnier said today there were “no surprises” in the 120-page draft document, which includes procedures for putting into operation the “alignment” of Northern Irish regulations with the EU rulebook, which will be needed if no technological solution is found to keep the border with the Republic open after Brexit.”

The EU, in the draft treaty, set out a planned “common regulatory area” which included Northern Ireland to be aligned with the EU. In my opinion, the European Union is purposefully making this process difficult.

By doing so, they are sending out a message to all other EU member states that share a land border that leaving will not end well.

The EU also demands that Northern Irland remains a jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Barnier said: “It’s the only way to guarantee our joint commitments will be upheld in all circumstances.”

“a very important moment for the negotiations – I’m tempted to say a key moment in this very lengthy and complex process for these extraordinary negotiations which we wish to make a success of”

“We must pick up the pace.”.

Regarding the planned transition period, Barnier demanded that the European Courts of Justice “must play a role for the interpretation and implementation of the withdrawal agreement whenever that agreement refers to European law”.