BREAKING: European Court Of Justice to rule if UK citizens can KEEP EU CITIZENSHIP after Brexit


It has been reported that the European Court Of Justice is going to rule on whether or not British citizens are going to be allowed to keep their EU citizenship after Brexit.

The case has come about due to action that has been taken by British citizens in The Netherlands, and this could also mean that negotiations between the UK and the EU are thrown into chaos.

According to a report in The Independent:

The EU’s highest court has been asked to rule on whether British nationals should be able to keep their EU citizenship after Brexit, in a major upset that could send negotiations between Brussels and the UK into chaos.

British nationals living the Netherlands had taken a case to the Amsterdam district court arguing that they should not be stripped of the EU citizenship after Britain leaves the EU.

In a decision released on Wednesday, the district court said it would refer the case to the European Court of Justice.

“It is reasonable to doubt the correctness of the interpretation of Article 20 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union that the loss of the status of citizen of an EU member state also leads to loss of EU citizenship,” the court decision said.

“On these grounds, preliminary questions will be put to the ECJ [European Court of Justice].”

Why the hell has Brexit been potentially thrown into chaos by an organisation that by all accounts with have NO JURISDICTION in the United Kingdom after March 2019.

Yet again, legal bigwigs are threatening to throw a spanner in the works at the expense of the everyday man and woman in the street who voted for Brexit.