BREAKING: Euston station CLOSED due to ‘ serious incident’


Euston station in London has been shut down due to an unknown “serious customer incident”.

A line of emergency vehicles are parked outsits the station.

One worried commuter took to Twitter to ask: “What’s going on at Euston station?”

Another tweeted: “Something heavy going on at Euston station here!!”

It is unclear what has exactly happened at the station, but emergency services are on the scene.

A message on the whiteboard at Euston station read as follows “Due to a serious customer incident, Euston station is closed for the foreseeable future.”

A spokesman for Euston station said: “We have checked with operations at the station and they said everything is operating normally.

“We have seen the pictures of the police trucks stationed outside and we have been told that nothing untoward is taking place at Euston Station.”

More follows.

OAP BANNED FROM STATION after making ‘harmless comments’ about refugees

A retired 71-year-old train driver has spoken out after he was BANNED from visiting a train station after he was overheard agreeing with comments that had been made in the press about comparing Syrian refugees to Jewish refugees during the Twentieth Century.

Jim Walker managed to save the iconic clock from the movie Brief Encounter and get it working again at Carnforth Station in Lancashire – he has been visiting the station regularly for the last THIRTEEN YEARS and making sure that the clock is correctly wound-up and working properly.

However, a complaint was raised about comments that he made during a private conversation where a member of the public overheard him say that there is no comparison between Syrian refugees and Jewish refugees, and shortly afterwards he received a ‘legal letter’ to say that he was no longer welcome in the areas of the station that are operated by Carnforth Station Trust – this means that the clock has now stopped working.

He has also pointed out that he received no communication whatsoever throughout the complaint process, and the first that he heard about it was when the letter arrived.

According to a report in The Express, he said: ‘I’ve no regrets. I’d say it all over again because we must all stand up for free speech.’

‘It’s democracy to have the right to speak your mind. If anything, they should be apologising to me. I’ve been tried and convicted of racism in my absence – where’s the justice? People around here are all for me.’

‘I’ve had them stop me in the street and say they’re shocked at the way I’ve been treated. People in this country used to speak their mind. Now they’re all too frightened to – just in case someone overhears and reports them.’

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of all of this is that the entire complaint and investigation was carried out in secret, and the solicitor’s letter to Mr Walker said: ‘It is clear the visitor’s version of events was a true picture of what went on.’

Peter Crowther, chairman of the Carnforth Station Trust, added: ‘A visitor complained about insulting and racist comments. He said that if action wasn’t taken he would report the matter as a hate crime to the police.’

Basically, to summarise what has happened here, someone has been overheard making comments, the member of the public has threatened to report it as a hate crime, the gentleman accused has been given ZERO right to reply or contest the allegations, and the station trust has decided to just go ahead and ban him anyway.

This form of one-sided ‘justice’ has been used before historically. It did NOT end well. Not to mention that it is a method currently employed in North Korea and other despotic nations.

Just to think about things from a different angle, Mr Walker has admitted that he did make the comments, albeit not in the offensive manner that has been suggested.

Is it no longer acceptable to give an opinion? This sort of ‘know your place’ mentality by the powers that be led to the referendum result and Trump’s election victory, and heaven knows what else will happen before the establishment wakes up and realises that people cannot be treated in this way.

In the meantime, let’s all hope that Mr Walker can get back onto the station soon and get the clock working again. Unless of course Barmy Britain prevails and it is left to rust …

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