BREAKING: German left-wing leader Schulz just called for a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE


The German politician and ‘leader of the German Left’ Martin Schulz has just posted some bizarre tweets demanding the formation of a United States of Europe.

More worrying for the EU member states is that he has also said that any country that doesn’t automatically go along with it will be KICKED OUT of the European Union.

Is he off his rocker?

Here are the tweets in all their glory:

As you can see, he really turns up the ‘crazy’ with the second tweet. Perhaps he could have finished off with calls for those who go along with it to just annexe those countries that tell them to get stuffed?

… and people said that Germany would never go for the ‘hat trick.’

During the campaign that led to the 2017 EU referendum, countless supporters of the Leave cause made the point that the European Union’s elite would go down the ‘More Europe’ route at some point.

All of this happened at the same time that millions of people were crying out for ‘Less Europe.’

Thanks heavens that we are getting out of this mess – hopefully sooner rather than later.

To be fair, the part of Schulz’s remarks won’t raise too many eyebrows as it is a sentiment that we have come to expect from EU-lovers.

However, that part about kicking naysayers out of the union would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous and bloody minded.

Surely Europe’s future is a united one with nations working together, but not one where they are all in the same country and lose their national identity for all eternity.

David Davis confirms ‘NO part of UK will be left in the customs union’ crushing Sadiq Khans suggestion

Sadiq Khan recently suggested that London could have a separate Brexit deal with the rest of the UK. Mr Khan’s suggestion came in light of leaked papers which appear to show ‘regulatory alignment’ for Ireland and Northern Ireland in order to solve the border issue.

Speaking in the Houses of Parliment, David Davis made it crystal clear that no part of the UK will remain in the Customs Union, crushing the Mayor of Londons hopes.

Mr Davis said: “You can take it as a guarantee from me, we will not be treating any part of the United Kingdom any differently from any other part.

“We were elected on a manifesto to leave the customs union and the single market.”

According to the Brexit Secretary, the government is “now close to concluding the first phase and moving on to talking about trade” and “All parties remain confident of a positive conclusion by the end of the week”.

The Shadow Brexit secretary blasted David Davis saying: “What an embarrassment – the last 24 hours have given a new meaning to the phrase ‘coalition of chaos’.

“Yesterday the rubber hit the road. Fantasy has hit reality.

“Will the Prime Minister now rethink her reckless red lines and put options such as a customs union and single market back on the table for negotiation?”

David Davis draws up plans for no deal on Brexit talks

Brexit Secretary, David Davis has urged officials to speed up the drawing of plans for a ‘no deal’ scenario.

The Brexit minister will present the ‘no deal’ preparations to the cabinet which are said to be ‘upbeat’.

Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, both of whom are members of the cabinet are strongly against the idea of a ‘no deal’.

Mrs Rudd labelled the idea as “unthinkable”.

As each day passes, we get ever closer to a no deal scenario. It would be stupid of the government to rule out such possibility.

In a negotiating situation you need to have all your options open, if not, you’ll be eaten alive. That is exactly what the EU will do if they’re aware we cannot just walk away from the talks.

Chancellor Philip Hammond who has said he only wants to invest in preparing for No Deal at the last possible moment. He has yet to put any funds by for such event.

Do you think a ‘no deal’ would be better than a bad deal?

Let us know in the comment below!

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