BREAKING: Government preparing to walk away with a ‘NO DEAL’


Liam Fox has reportedly told the department of international trade that they should prepare for the UK to walk away from the EU with a ‘no deal’ as negotiations stall

Mr Fox allegedly told friends to prepare for a ‘no deal’.

Breitbart reported:

“Dr. Liam Fox reportedly told the associates that his department is readying a plan to make a ‘no deal’ work for the UK in the eventually of the offer of a bad deal, a source told the Daily Express.

Just over a week ago, Dr. Fox slammed the EU for effectively using “black mail” to extort a massive divorce bill from the UK when it leaves the bloc. Payments include aid to Africa, loans to Ukraine, and expensive environment projects.

European Commission chief negotiator Michel Barnier has threatened to block talks on a future trade deal planned for October if the UK does not accept the roughly £78 billion demanded bill.”

A no deal is the only way we can get out of this failing economic and political club and be self-governing once again.

Mr Fox has apparently been ‘sympathetic’ to the idea of the UK reverting back to World Trade Organisation rules, which is what a no deal would involve.

Nothing is for certain and only time will tell, but things are looking good for a no deal scenario.

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