BREAKING: Gunshots heard as hundreds of UK bound migrants RIOT in Calais


Four people have been shot and four others seriously injured by improvised weapons as police attempt to stop the violence in Calais by migrants, people smugglers and gangs.

A local police spokesman said: “The toll is eight wounded, with four seriously hurt including three with life-threatening injuries.”

It is unclear who fired the shots, but people smugglers in the camp are reported to be armed.

Mr Collomb, the French Interior Minister tweeted: “After the serious incidents that occurred today, I am going to Calais this evening for a situational meeting with the Prefect, the Mayor of the city and other local officials.

“I will meet our security forces and emergency services in particularly difficult times.”

Police who intervened in the fighting used tear gas and baton charges to restore order, as running battles took place.

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WATCH migrants clash with riot police in Calais while May tells Macron she will ‘speed up’ asylum process

A video has been posted on the Leave.EU Facebook page this week that serves as a reminder that there could be a number of issues for Britain if Theresa May speeds up the asylum process for those waiting in Calais for passage into the United Kingdom.

The footage shows riot police clashing with a number of migrants in a violent exchange, and many have criticised the French government for simply wanting to move them on elsewhere.

Geographically, once they reach Calais on France’s northern coast, there is realistically only one place where they can go.

In recent weeks, the United Kingdom has also promised to contribute millions towards maintaining security measures at the French port, and so we are now in a situation where taxpayers’ cash is being diverted out of the country to deal with a situation that technically is absolutely nothing to do with us.

The United Kingdom didn’t ask to be located as ‘the last port of call’ in Continental Europe, and although previous governments have created a nation that seems to be attractive for those who are fleeing other troubled parts of the world there is one massive ‘elephant in the room’ as far as the French government is concerned.

The reason why so many migrants are ending up in France is because they are part of the Schengen Agreement Zone – something that the United Kingdom doesn’t belong to.

Therefore, as soon as migrants arrive in Southern Europe, they can roam a large part of the continent with ease.

Therefore, if France genuinely wants to prevent large numbers of migrants ending up in Calais or indeed anywhere else in the country, perhaps they would be better off getting out of this arrangement before trying to extort vast sums of money from the UK.

For some reason however, Theresa May seems to have trouble explaining this to Monsieur Macron, because like everything else that this government touches at the moment there is a fear that Brexit will end up with us getting a bad deal if we don’t ‘play nice’ with existing EU member states.