BREAKING: ‘Knifeman drives at children’ at Kent military barracks – armed police on scene


Armed police rushed to Canterbury army barracks as a man reportedly armed with a knife drove at small children

The suspect drove towards a group of 20 children in his car, up to 15 armed police quickly arrived after the alarm was raised.

Officers rushed to the housing estate on the former Howe Barracks.

The whole country is on high alert after yesterday’s Finsbury Park Mosque attack and other attacks in London and Manchester.

One witness told Kent Online: “It’s scary to see loads of people trying to stop him. I’ve never seen so many people help protect their children.”

One woman, who was at her sister’s house in St Julien Avenue when she saw two men arguing, said: “One of them went home, or so we thought, but the next thing I heard a car screeching so I ran to my sister’s gate and looked outside.

“I saw a man drive at high speed, stop his car and step out. He told the other guy he was going to stab him with a kitchen knife.

“The other guy pushed the man back into his car and he screeched off again.

“But he then spun the car round and drove rapidly back up the road trying to run this man and all that was around him down. There were children everywhere.”

The rampage comes a day after a terror attack in north London after a white van was driven at Muslims breaking their Ramadan fast as they left prayers at a mosque in Finsbury Park on Sunday night.

This is the latest in a series of terrorist attacks on the UK, including two involving vehicles which mounted Westminster and London Bridge in London and another attack at an Arian Grande concert in Manchester.