BREAKING: Leading Tory MP announces that he will vote to BLOCK BREXIT


With the Brexit and Article 50 debate well underway in the House of Commons, a leading Tory MP has announced that he will going against the will of the people and voting AGAINST the bill.

In a bruising speech, Kenneth Clarke blasted Theresa May’s post-Brexit plans as being ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and he then proceeded to sarcastically pick the future US-UK trade apart before it has even been put in place.

According to a report in The Mirror, he said: “Nice men like President Trump and President Erdogan are just impatient to abandon their normal protectionism and give us access!”

It’s appalling to see an experienced politician lower himself to sarcasm in parliament to try and get their point across – however it was a common tactic from remainers in the run-up to the vote last June.

Most people in the know are already convinced that the bill will pass with a majority, so it does beg the question: why bother in the first place?

The people voted for Brexit, so any other outcome would be opening an awful can of worms!

What do you think about the former Conservative chancellor using the excuse that he is ‘voting with his conscience?’ Let us know at


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