BREAKING: Leaked letter shows Boris and Gove DEMANDING Theresa May prepares for ‘No deal’


Theresa May is effectively being held to ransom over Brexit by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, a bombshell leaked letter reveals.

The letter delivered to Mrs May’s No 10 chief of staff, the former Conservative MP Gavin Barwell reportedly by Boris Johnson appears to warn Mrs May on the failures to prepare for a no deal scenario.

The leaked letter reads:

“Your approach is governed by sensible pragmatism. That does not in any way dilute our ambition to be a fully independent self-governing country by the time of the next election.

If we are to counter those who wish to frustrate that end, there are ways of underlining your resolve.

We are profoundly worried that in some parts of government the current preparations are not proceeding with anything like sufficient energy.

We have heard it argued by some that we cannot start preparations on the basis of ‘No Deal’ because that would undermine our obligation of ‘sincere co-operation’ with the EU. If taken seriously, that would leave us over a barrel in 2021.

We all want you to push your agenda forward with confidence and have your Government articulate the following…


Boris and Michael”

This is very interesting to see.

I am thankful that we do have some hardcore leavers in the cabinet. Without them, I could not imagine what type of Brexit we would get. Probably one where we remain part of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

What do you think about this letter leak?

Brexit Secretary, David Davis has urged officials to speed up the drawing of plans for a ‘no deal’ scenario.

The Brexit minister will present the ‘no deal’ preparations to the cabinet which are said to be ‘upbeat’.

Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, both of whom are members of the cabinet are strongly against the idea of a ‘no deal’.

Mrs Rudd labelled the idea as “unthinkable”.

As each day passes, we get ever closer to a no deal scenario. It would be stupid of the government to rule out such possibility.

In a negotiating situation you need to have all your options open, if not, you’ll be eaten alive. That is exactly what the EU will do if they’re aware we cannot just walk away from the talks.

Chancellor Philip Hammond who has said he only wants to invest in preparing for No Deal at the last possible moment. He has yet to put any funds by for such event.

Do you think a ‘no deal’ would be better than a bad deal?

Let us know in the comment below!

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