BREAKING: Liam Fox breaks government silence over future trade deals post-Brexit


Liam Fox has admitted that there may be “Some time” before the UK creates new post-Brexit free trade agreements if the implementation/transition period goes ahead.

The International Trade Secretary spoke to Sky News, saying: “We haven’t got to Brexit yet of course and that may be some time away if we’ve got an implementation period, but what we’re doing is to ensure that when we have economic freedoms we can take advantage of them.

“We’ve set up a trade and investment review with China to take a look at the options we have in terms of our trading relationship and agreements once we have left the EU. But in this short-term that doesn’t mean we can’t increase our trade.”

He added: “As everybody knows, we can’t negotiate never mind sign any agreements while we’re still in the EU and that’s likely to be extended if we were to have an implementation period, which business seems to want us to give them in terms of stability,”

It looks like one of the main reason why people voted to leave the EU…to take back control of trade will be delayed for a further two years, even though we’ve left the European Union.

That sound very clever, doesn’t it?

At least this government is committed to taking the UK out of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

Liam Fox just DESTROYED Nicola Sturgeon over Union Flag ban in Scotland

After it emerged that the First Minister Of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon had banned the Union Flag from flying on top of numerous public buildings to mark the Queen’s birthday, the British International Secretary for Trade Liam Fox seized the opportunity to slam Sturgeon’s decision. 

It is believed that Sturgeon is imposing the ban to try and increase the sense of nationalism in Scotland, and Dr Fox has seen straight through this tactic and was prepared to call her out for the opportunistic rabble rouser that she really is.

According to a report in The Express:

The Tory frontbencher said Nicola Sturgeon was “grasping at ever more desperate straw” in the attempt to increase support of nationalism in Scotland.

According to new rules, the number of days the Union flag is flown over government buildings will be reduced from 15 to just one.

Dr Fox said: “I think it’s small-minded and I think it’s typical of the narrow vision of nationalists.”

Updated SNP regulations issued this month remove the Union flag on these key dates stating “the Royal Banner and the Saltire may be flown” from St Andrew’s House or wherever Ms Sturgeon may be.

The guidance also reveals that on Remembrance Day the Union flag will be raised alongside “Saltire or Saltires if the building has more than two flag poles” and flown from St Andrew’s House and the Government’s Victoria Quay offices in Edinburgh.

This could be the biggest sign yet that all is not well within the SNP.

After all, they say that desperate times call for desperate measures, and to treat the Union Flag in this manner reeks of pure desperation.

Perhaps, deep down, Nicola knows that this is the best that she is going to get as Scotland has already given her a massive NO about independence.