BREAKING: London TERROR ATTACK suspect named as well-known BRITISH HATE PREACHER


The attacker, who drove a vehicle across Westminster Bridge, killing at least two people, before stabbing a police officer to death outside the Houses of Parliament earlier today, has been named by top journalists as Abu Izzadeen.

Abu Izzadeen, whose birth name was Trevor Brooks, was reportedly shot by police after the attack and later died of his injuries. He is a well known high-profile British Islamic extremist.

Abu spent time in jail back in 2008 for inciting attacks against the UK and the U.S. and for raising funds for terrorism groups such as al-Muhajiroun.

Izzadeen, who was brought up in Hackney, was released in May 2009 but continued in his outspoken extremist ways – featuring in numerous online videos inciting hatred.

Eerily he can be seen in the video below urging people to ‘kill the British police’:

Back in 2015 he was arrested for breaching a travel ban when he and a man known as Simon Keeler were detained by police in Hungary and deported back to the UK.

The despicable character called the 7/7 attacks ‘completely praiseworthy’ and openly stated he ‘hopes to die as a suicide bomber’.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by today’s horrific and cowardly attack.

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