BREAKING: Nigel Farage has just said he will TAKE CONTROL if Britain ‘messes up’ Brexit


Nigel Farage has admitted that he intends to stay within the European Parliament after Brexit has been completed and fight from the frontline if the United Kingdom’s government messes up the Brexit deal and ‘betrays’ the people who voted to leave the European Union.

Talking to Sky News, he has said that any sort of ‘stitch up’ will result in him taking the fight direction to Brussels by sticking around, even though technically his position as a Member of the European Parliament will no longer exist.

Now that’s dedication!

According to The Express, he said:

“The argument some people are making around here lately is that if there is a transition period then there needs to be a British MEP voice during that period, that they could be non-voting honourary members of the EU Parliament with salaries but without voting rights.

The MEP said even “someone close to Juncker himself” had put forward the notion, and referred to when countries of eastern Europe joined in 2004, but had ‘observer MEPs’ look after their interest before their accession.

The former Ukip leader, who is wary of Brexit backsliding, added: “If they really do fudge this and the British parliament betrays the will of the people and if effectively we don’t Brexit before the next set of European elections and we have to contest those elections I will be there in the front line contesting those elections and I will give them, the establishment a result which they can’t even bear to look at.”

He even had a cheeky comment at the end about any sort of ‘goodbye payment’ and hinted that the European Union’s accountants would try and find an excuse not to pay departing MEPs what they are legally entitled to.

Then again, what would you expect from an organisation that doesn’t like the idea of accounts being signed off?

This isn’t the first time that Farage has said that he will step up if the British government manages to somehow make a balls-up of Brexit. Read on to see more.

Nigel Farage warned the EU that they will soon become the enemy of every European nation, not just the UK.

Mr Farage told listeners on LBC: “The EU is the enemy, but not just of the UK, but also of Europe itself.

“It is the enemy of the companies operating in Europe, the workers in Europe, and the very concept of European nations.


“Europe sells us £70bn a year more than we sell them.

“The French wine industry, the German car industry, Belgian chocolate makers – millions of jobs are linked directly to trade with the UK.

“If the EU was truly acting in the interest of the 27 countries, they would want a simple free trade deal – but they don’t.

“They want Britain to be seen to be punished, and if that means that European workers lose their jobs, companies contract, that doesn’t matter.

“What matters is Brussels, the flag, the anthem, the army, and pushing on with their project for the United States of Europe.

“The EU is the problem of the Europeans. It is getting in the way of their potential.”

Do you agree with his comments?

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