BREAKING: Parliament to get vote on Brexit deal potentially blocking the UK leaving the Single Market


UK Parliament will get vote on final Brexit deal before the country leaves EU, minister David Davis tells MPs.

David Davis has confirmed that parliament will indeed get a vote on the Brexit deal when negotiations finish.

Such a move could see the UK remaining in the single market and customs union if the governments deal with the EU is blocked by parliament.

The Conservatives currently have a small majority (if you include the DUP).

If we presume Labour votes to block such deal and so do a few rebellious Conservative MPs then 2 years worth of negotiations could be blocked.

According to the BBC:

“He said the terms of the UK’s exit, including any transition deal and agreement on citizen rights, would have to become law via new legislation.

And he said MPs would have the opportunity to reject or amend such legislation, saying “the agreement will only hold if Parliament approves it”.”

Mr Davis yesterday told Sky’s Niall Paterson: “Extending Article 50 would mean another uncertainty for business.

“In order to extend it a year, that takes unanimity of the EU 27. What do you think the price of that would be? I can tell you that would be very expensive.

“In a European negotiation, at least one of them will put a price on it, which will lead to all of them doing it.”

More follows.

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