BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II planning to STEP DOWN and hand throne to Charles


It has been reported in the media today that Queen Elizabeth II is now planning to step down (abdicate) and hand the throne to her son Charles. 

It is highly likely that this will happen within the next three years, according to The Mirror and number of other outlets that are quoting the same details.

With Her Majesty currently 92 years old, she has allegedly told her ‘inner circle’ that the handover should happen by the time that she is 95.

She would follow Prince Philip, The Duke Of Edinburgh, who announced that he would be retiring earlier this year – he recently fulfilled his final official engagement in his royal role.

Most outlets are also reporting that the ‘wheels are in motion’ for a royal handover, but that doesn’t exactly give too much away.

This could be referring to coronation plans

However, many people are now debating whether or not it should be Charles who becomes our next monarch.

Technically it should be Charles, but a lot of monarchy fans are saying that it is time for ‘youth’ to give the image of British royalty a much-needed image boost.

It’s also interesting to see that a poll in the Sunday Express today shows that the majority of Brits do not want Camilla Parker-Bowles as Queen.

That may show in turn that while the British public still has an appetite for the monarchy, there is also a desire for ‘new blood.’

William and Kate already have a huge positive media profile, so that could only be a good thing for Britain!