BREAKING: Terror attacker screamed ‘Allah Akbar’ after ploughing civilians with truck killing 8 and injuring 15 before being shot by police


Eight people are feared dead after a truck mounted a bicycle path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon, mowing down cyclists and runners while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The shocking footage below shows a bearded man running through traffic in New York before being shot by police.

New York City Police confirmed the truck, which appears to be a Home Depot rental van, drove onto a pedestrian and cycle path alongside the West Side Highway at full speed, hitting several people.

The truck then hit another vehicle, reported to be a school bus.

According to witnesses and law enforcement officials, the attacker screamed ‘Allah Akbar’ which means ‘God is Great’.

It is believed to be an Islamic terror attack.

Singer Josh Groban also tweeted after hearing ‘gun shots’ while out walking his dog.

‘Oh my god I just heard gunshots and ran with my dog. Downtown. F***,’ he said.

An eyewitness told US media he heard about nine or 10 shots, but could not identify which direction they were coming from.

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