BREAKING: Theresa May WILL activate Article 50 to leave EU IN TWO WEEKS 


Various media sources are confirming today that Theresa May WILL activate Article 50 to leave the European Union in the next two weeks. 

The news comes after the House of Lords voted to send the Brexit Bill back to the House of Commons with an amendment about protecting the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. 

Despite the setback, ministers are confident they remain on course to meet Mrs May’s deadline for invoking Article 50, marking the start of the formal process of EU withdrawal.

A spokesman for the Brexit Department said: “The Bill has a straightforward purpose – to enact the referendum result and allow the Government to get on with the negotiations.”

The Bill is now expected to return to the Commons on March 13 and 14 – meaning that any swift action to dismiss the amendment could mean that the Prime Minister is ready to activate Article 50 on March 15th. 

With only three Tory peers backing the amendment, it will be far more difficult to get the changes passed when it reaches the House of Commons. 

Perhaps the best quote of the evening came from Vote Leave politician Iain-Duncan Smith. 

He said: “It is a bit of posturing by some people in the Lords who are beating their chests and puffing out their own sense of self-importance,” the former Cabinet minister said.

“My answer to that is ‘jolly good, nice to hear from you, but it has no bearing on Theresa May’s Article 50 negotiations’.”

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